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YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know for Better Watching Experience

Written by Liza Brown

You may have been one of those people who used YouTube the entire day. This is because of the fact that you are fond of watching funny home videos with pets or babies, bizarre and strange occurrences, game walkthroughs and more. Truly, it is your nature as an Internet user to become a fan of YouTube. For that matter, you may likewise be more interested in YouTube shortcuts that will help you to be in control of those videos you want to watch on YouTube.keyboard-shortcuts

The 12 shortcuts for Watching YouTube.

  1. Play/Pause the Video―This is highlighted to be the most significant of all shortcuts. The video can be quickly played on or paused through the use of the “K” or “Spacebar”.
  2. Control Playhead― In the goal to skip backward or forward in a video, the control playhead is the shortcut you should ever consider. You could press for the tab of “Right Arrow” for you to move five seconds forward. Nevertheless, press the tab for “Left Arrow” and move five seconds backward. If ever your goal is to go back to the start of the video, you may just press the key tab for “Home” or “o”. If you like moving to the end of the video, you may choose pressing the key tab for “End”.
  3. Adjust Volume― In order for you to increase the volume of a video, it is required of you to press the key for “Up arrow” while you press the key for “Down Arrow” to decrease the volume.
  4. Control Subtitles/CC― If ever the video has supported subtitles/CC, it can easily be turned off or on through the use of “C” key. With this keyboard shortcut on YouTube, it will be a lot easier to go through the CC settings. You may as well decrease or increase the font size of CC by means of pressing the + and then the – keys found on the keyboard.
  5. Play the Next Video―Just press the Shift+N key if you will play the next video on the playlist.
  6. Access the Search Field― The “/” key is only required to be pressed on with the text cursor shown in the search field. The “Enter” key could be pressed on as well after you have typed the query.
  7. Access all links and Buttons on the page―When “Tab” Key is pressed on, all clickable buttons will be displayed on the page. When the tap button is pressed on, you will be moved from the top up to the bottom. Press on the tab for “Shift+Tab” to move you from the bottom and to the top. Then, press the key for “Enter” to access it.
  8. Tab for control―The tab button allows you to cycle through the different controls found on the video player before you finally jump down to the elements below the video player
  9.  Jump to specific point in video―Through the so-called number keys, these will allow you to cut the timeline of the video into tenths. You could jump the video play head to ten percent right through the timelines and more.
  10. Restart video―Hit the zero that lets you restart the video. Right through the Windows Keybaord, you may as well choose for the Home Key.
  11. Super slow-mo―Since the video is on pause, just press the period key in moving forward 1 frame at a specific time. The comma could likewise be hit to be able to move back a frame.
  12. Fullscreen― The “F” key only need to be hit off to be able to go full screen including the Esc to be able to find your way out.

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