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How to watch YouTube video in overlay mode or on pop out window?

Written by Liza Brown

There days there are a number of YouTube pop-out apps available for download which would allow the user to watch a video on their PC while using any other application. In this article we are going to talk about some of the coolest youtube video overlay apps which would allow you to watch the YouTube videos in the overlay mode.

  1. Popout for YouTube– With the help of this app you will be able to add a button on the right hand corner of the YouTube videos so that the video comes as a separate pop out window. Popout for YouTube is a dependable floating YouTube video player which comes with all the YouTube controls like full screen, quality control, closed captioning and much more, all of which can be easily resized according to your convenience. Now you can open as many videos as you want since each of them comes with its own window.popout-for-youtube
  2. Sideplayer– Sideplayer is yet another application which would allow you to add a floating YouTube video on your browser for watching videos while surfing the web. All you need to do is download this app and exit your Chrome browser so as to activate this extension. Once this app is properly installed all the YouTube videos would come with a Sideplayer button just next to the fullscreen button. Some of the cool features of this application are- the resizable features, video speed options, video quality options and player opacity options. You can even use this player while switching from one tab to another.sideplayer
  3. YouTube Video Player Pop Out– This is yet another effective floating YouTube player while would allow you to watch any video while browsing the net. Whenever you click on the toolbar button on the YouTube page, the video is going to pop up as a resizable panel which can easily be dragged across the screen. A super add on for Firefox, the YouTube Video Player Pop Out is a must have app for all Mozilla

YouTube video overlay applications for Android

If you are looking forward to watch YouTube videos in pop-out windows on your tab or smartphone then you surely need to install Stream– the number one floating YouTube player for android. This free smart YouTube video player would give you access to all the videos on YouTube while give you a superb multitasking video watching experience. Now you will be able to search for your favourite musicians browse the top songs of your country, make your own YouTube playlists and of course work on any other application while watching your favourite video. Moreover users would also be able to resize the floating popup window according to their requirements. One of the best features of Stream is their radios based on the YouTube videos. No matter if you want to work, rest, meditate or party you can always find a radio station suited to your mood. This is one compact floating YouTube player for Android which would immensely empower the music aficionados of the

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