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How to Watch Youtube on TV?

Written by Liza Brown

Watching YouTube can be a fun experience for the whole family which is why it would be a good idea to watch it on your TV. Not only will you be able to get a bigger picture of the video that you are watching, but you will also be able to stream your videos on a screen with better resolution than your computer. You will have access to millions and millions of videos right there in your living room. It will bring a homey experience to friends and family.

Today, you don’t even need to hook up your computer to your TV in order to enjoy YouTube on a bigger screen. Smart TVs are equipped with the YouTube app that can be accessed directly. With this app, you will be able to find the videos that you want to watch a lot faster  in high level categories such as ‘recommended’ and ‘trending’. There are also sections for 4k comments and different genres that have been subdivided into the main categories. It will be faster to use and a new interface will make videos accessible a more efficiently.

Watch through Apple TV

If you are an owner of an Apple TV then you can access YouTube through a variety of different channels. It works even better if you have a compatible iPhone to which you can link your Apple TV in order to stream faster. You can also choose to subscribe to Apple TV and buy the set-top box. This works like a decoder and it comes with a built in YouTube app. If you pair it with your Apple TV Remote App you should be able to view videos based on your device history or

Watch through Google Chromecast

Google owns YouTube so if you are interested in subscribing to Google Chromecast you can be sure that you will get access to the YouTube app via the dongle. The only thing is that you will need to have a suitable device in order to access the channel. The Chromecast video dongle is said to be one of the cheaper options on the market, but once again it depends on what you prefer. There is an age-old battel between Android and Apple, and the two just don’t seem to mix. In any which way, both work equally well together.chromecast

Watch through Roku

One of the most popular TV boxes out there is the Roku TV Box. While it supports every single video streaming app on the face of the earth, it doesn’t seem to support YouTube. Users will not be able to stream YouTube through this app on their TV. However, you can access it through VideoBuzz which comes with the box. Another app that is great to use is PlayOn, which has a massive amount of TV content, including YouTube clips. You will have to add it to your box by logging in with you Roku account and adding the private channel code MYPLAYON.roku

 Watch through gaming consoles

Most gaming consoles that came out recently supports the YouTube app and it can be easily accessed from your TV. PlayStation 4 is by far the best console for this purpose and the YouTube app is underneath the TV and Video category. It is absolutely free and only requires WiFi connection and your login details. However, if you have an Xbox the YouTube service is not free. You would need to buy an Xbox Gold Membership. For those who are on Wii or Wii U, you simple open the app and it fires away.ps4

Watch through Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV offers a whole range of the latest series and movies that you can watch. However, you do need to pay a subscription fee. This channel also allows you to watch YouTube through its app. It is absolutely free and it only needs your WiFi connectivity. You might want to login with your YouTube account so that you can access the channels that you like the most without searching for

Watch through your tablet, laptop, or computer

The most common way to watch YouTube is via your tablet, laptop, or computer. This is fairly simple. All you do is enter the YouTube address, log in with your details, and start watching. However, you can also choose to watch YouTube by connecting your tablet, laptop, or computer to a TV. Any TV that has an HDMI port can be used as a ‘monitor’ for you to watch YouTube videos on. Simply connect your computer or laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable and you can access your entire computer on your TV. There are also WiFi options available for this purpose, but users have seemed to reject them, saying that they offer too many problems.pc

Download and watch on TV

A simpler way for you to enjoy YouTube videos on your TV is by downloading them before watching them. Wondershare Video Ultimate Converter Ultimate is the perfect programme for you to use. It offers a wide range of conversion outputs and it downloads the YouTube video very fast. It automatically downloads YouTube videos in HD so that you have a crisp and clear image on your TV. Simple pop it onto a memory stick when you are done and plug it into the TV’s USB port. Sit back and enjoy the clip!

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