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How to Watch Youtube Offline on PC/Android/iOS

Written by Liza Brown

How would you feel if you are informed that your favourite YouTube is available offline also? Feels like best news of the day! YouTube has become a very significant part of our lives as it keeps us connected from all the things that are happening around us! Be it in media world, Hollywood or the personal lives of our favourite celebrities and that is the reason why availability of YouTube offline is like news! So in this post we would help you in knowing as to how you can watch YouTube offline on PC or android/iOS.

How to watch YouTube offline on PC?

Video downloaders are conquering the video market like anything! There are many such tools which can be downloaded into the system and thereafter you can upload the link of the video and it will convert in the format supported by your device and allows you to download it to preserve it for anytime watch. One such tool is Wondershare Video Converter ultimate which you can download in your system and without consuming lot of space on your hard disk it gives plethora of features which include editing, converting and downloading of video. Following are the steps to download and start using Wondershare:

  1. Install and then launch the software on your system just like any other tool.
  2. You would be able to see Convert, Burn and Download icon over there and convert is selected by default, so select the ‘download’ icon if you wish to download.
  3. Paste the desired URL duly coped from the YouTube after clicking on ‘Add URL’ button.
  4. Specify the output folder and the format and begin the downloading!

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Another alternative of the same is to use YouTube helper website instead of the tool to download the video. This one is quicker and doesn’t occupy any space on your device but only limitation of this mode is that you need internet connection, every time you want to download the video. Keepvid is one such web interface which allows you to download the video using the web interface. All you have to do is to navigate to and paste the YouTube video link in the input filed and allow some time for the video to convert and download. In case, the web tool prompts to run Java then just allow it. After the video is downloaded, follow the instructions of saving mentioned in the box popped up and save the video in your device at the desired location.keepvid

How to watch YouTube offline on android and iOS?

Watching offline videos on mobile devices is more fun because you can simply access it any time! (You don’t even have to switch on the laptop for the same!) Go to the App store of your phone and install iTube or Playtube app on your phone. Now with the app opened at back, initiate the video on YouTube app and come back on iTube and tap on the floppy looking icon to indicate the saving of the video. You can resume your video on YouTube app and after it is finished, come back to iTube app and tap on ‘Done’ to stop the recording. Now when you will open the iTube app, you would see the saved video in your library!itube

Another alternative to the above is using Wondershare app (Don’t scroll up as it is the same app which we mentioned in the initial phase of article!). Just download the video using Wondershare in your PC or laptop and convert it into the format supported by your mobile using Wondershare. Now just do a wireless transfer! This way you can have the same video in your phone and PC by just downloading it once.

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