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How to Watch Private Youtube Video With or Without Permission

Written by Liza Brown

Youtube is said to be one of the most famous sites for watching online videos. Mostly, Youtube videos are for public view. Whereas there are times that some videos are set to be private, they are not easily accessible for the private view.

How to Watch Private Youtube Video with Permission

What is a Private Video?

A private video can be watched by those people, which have been given permission by the uploader in the video setting page for that certain video. It can’t be seen in the search results, will not surface as a Suggested Video, at the same time subscribers will not be informed that it has been issued.

Once you got the channel URL, you can contact the owner of the channel and request him or her to send you an exclusive permission URL so you can watch the video. If you have private videos in your Youtube channel, you should be extra careful to the person you give permission.

You are well aware that Youtube permits a video uploader who already marked the video to be private to send around 25 private URL’s that will enable the user to watch the videos. The only thing here is that any of the users has the ability to reupload the video as a public video. Therefore, by utilizing a capture software or device, any user who has bad intentions who got the permission to watch private videos by you could record easily your video and reupload it to be a public video.

How to Watch Private Youtube Video Without Permission or Signing In

You can watch the whole video without signing in. Take note that it may not work for a private video. In order for you to watch any restricted video that needs Google signing. Here’s the trick:

  • Visit any private youtube video link. For example,
  • Delete “watch?” from the URL
  • The result will be v=FkTSUqPqsGE
  • Viola! Click enter and you are now ready.

With the help of this method, the private video will be unlocked and you will be able to see in the full window without the effort of signing in. For a tip, for the purpose of the age-restricted policy, it would be necessary to use this method for any educational concerns. Do not encourage others to use this for any malicious purposes.private-youtube-video

How to Download the Private Youtube Video

If you are one of those people who is having a difficult time to download private Youtube video, we’ve got you covered. You can use desktop software such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate in order to download your chosen private video.

  1. Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate through double clicking its icon.
  2. Choose the Download tab if you like to download videos.
  3. Click on “ADD URL”
  4. Paste the chosen URL.
  5. Choose the output format
  6. Specify the output folder.
  7. Start the download

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