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How to Watch Age Restricted YouTube Video without Signing in?

Written by Liza Brown

While browsing over YouTube videos we often come across some age restricted videos that contain contents related to mature people only. The warning that says restricted content or need sign in seems so irritating most of the times and those who are adult enough but do not have YouTube content often need a trick to open those videos. If you are also searching for such a trick then it is possible to get success by these two methods:

Watch by changing the url:

All that you need to do is simply replace the watch?v= with v/ on video URL and your player will support its content within few seconds. It will work even without opening the whole site but this trick will not give positive results in case if any video is playback restricted for other sites.

Watch by using

If above trick do not work on any video and you are crazy enough to watch that stuff then here is a fine alternative to your needs. You simple need to add nsfw in URL before and this extension will automatically lead your content to any other website that allows video playback without any sign

Both these tricks lead to faster shift of platform from non-working to easier to play mode. You will be glad to know that nsfw is now available with some additional facilities where when you open then you can drag “Bypass YT login” link from top right corner of your screen to bookmarks bar within few seconds. Now whenever you will open this video if YouTube demands sign in then prefer to open it via Bypass YT login bookmark and it will start playing without any restriction. These tricks make everything much easier for video lovers so that they can enjoy all secret videos on their personal devices without any trouble.

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