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Written by Liza Brown is a specially designed software tool that makes downloading from internet much simple and convenient. This software tool can be used to download video, audio as well as many other types of files from different websites on internet as well as from various social networks like, and etc.

Pros of

  • This software can be accessed easily from the address line.
  • Allows users to download videos immediately from any preferred internet page.
  • Offers high quality video from YouTube downloads.
  • Need not to use any extra adware program from file hosting type download.
  • Users can integrate this service to their websites so that one can receive direct links for download.
  • If numbers of videos are present on a single webpage then also users can receive downloading link list easily with this software tool.savefromnet

How to use

  • 1st Method: First of all fill the URL into specified input field that appears on the top of main page; press Enter.
  • 2nd Method: Add or ahead of the URL and then press Enter.
  • 3rd Method: It is also possible to use short domain names as like, etc.
  • 4th Method: In order to enjoy one click download facility simply use browser add-on feature.

How to install to your PC?

It is very simple and convenient process to install and use on your personal device. All that you need to do is:

  • Go to official website and Download the specified Installer, close the browser and the run installer by following some simple to understand instructions.
  • It is also possible to install extension of this software program on your device, for that you have to follow software link and then select the browser from specified list and finally click on that link.
  • The extension of supports all popular browsers like Google chrome, Chromium, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex browser etc.
  • It is also much easier to disable extensions to selected websites as per need; simple go to extension settings and then hit disable option.

How to install extension on Google chrome?

For users of Version 35 of Google Chrome and later OS Window systems:

  1. Install the Tempermonkey extension.
  2. Now open the helper.user.js type link and then accept the terms for installation.

Those who find difficulties in Tempermonkey extension can use other option as:Simply install Chameleon extension and then from Opera Store.

All other users can opt for this option:

  • Visit extension page and then hit the download button; accept the terms for downloading.
  • Go to tool bar and select “Tools” – “Extensions” from provided icon.
  • After this use drag and drop facility for the file named as “helper_last.crx”; it will be available in the folder where you downloaded file from extension page. Now use Add button over the appeared popup.

How to use on mobile?

It is suggested to all Android operating system users that they must install Firefox for Android on their personal devices and then install extension mobile version from official page.

Best alternative to

One of the most preferred alternatives to is available in form of wondershare video converter ultimate. This software tool offers easy download, editing, conversion and personalization of videos and the best thing to know is that users can avail its free version for trial as well as can buy the highly featured advanced version that is beneficial for beginners as well as professionals.

Pros of using Wondershare video Converter ultimate as best alternative for

  • It supports more than 159 file formats.
  • This software tool comes with easy to use interface and lots of interactive tools.
  • Customization options are much easier.
  • Video output quality is much higher.

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