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How to Play YouTube Video on Slow Motion

Written by Liza Brown

Have you ever seen a video in YouTube and thought, this will be freaking breathtaking in slow motion? Perhaps, because the whole thing is eventually good in slow motion, YouTube Video Player enables you to alter the speed wherein you see a YouTube video with ease. You could browse YouTube for your preferred videos. Any way YouTube videos in slow motions turns boring and bland videos into hilarious one, and you also control it. Frame by frame, you can also skim through every videos as you play back the speeds two times.

There are many diverse ways to playing a video in YouTube in slow motion. These methods are relatively simple, and must work for any online video.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Slow Motion-Method 1

Here is a method to play YouTube video in slow motion. This is faster, however a bit harder especially those who are not used to YouTube channel.

  • Click the video to play
  • Pause, this can be done through pushing the pause key that is similar as the play key or button
  • Then press and hold the spacebar
  • If you release the spacebar, the slow motion video will pause
  • When you hold down the spacebar again, the slow motion video will keep on playing

Utilizing this kind of method has lots of benefits, largely due to the fact that you can do it anywhere, anytime on all video on YouTube. This isn’t really an option that the YouTube platform gives you, it’s only a toggling between pays and pauses that seems like slow motion. It is even cooler than it’s tricky, and that is the reason why some people like.

Youtube – Play videos in slow motion

YouTube channel provides you the chance to watch videos in a slow motion or at a speed pace (playback speed of x1.25, x1.5, x2.0).Do you want to know how to use this feature? Then you need to follow this guide:

  • Open YouTube and then click the video you want to see
  • Click on the Settings or the gear icon
  • Click on the Speed menu and choose the playback speed.

And that’s it you can now enjoy watching the video in slow motion.

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Aside from above mentioned ways of watching YouTube in a slow motion, there are sites that can help you see video on YouTube in slow motion such as the is an extremely renowned online app to see video on YouTube in a slow motion. This website offers much more options in speed control of playing a video. You can’t just select a certain speed of ¼ or ½ playback, this also utilize the sliders in order to play the video faster or slower.

For you to load video on this site, you simply need to copy and paste the URL, then click the button “slow it”, it will be loaded on this website page, will control the speed of playing and then play video in slow motion as you

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