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Metrotube for Windows Review

Written by Liza Brown

Metrotube Introduction

Metrotube is a great app produced to help windows users access YouTube and make changes to their account, favourites and preferences without having to go through your browser and log in. you can view the videos in different types of quality presets and use the slider to control the volume as well as put them in your watch later list so you don’t have to look for it again. Like, watch and listen to videos with ease all without putting strain on your device. You can even unlike and view your latest played videos without having to type them into the search bar. Simplicity at your fingertips.


Why Choose MetroTube?

Unfortunately a lot of Google’s services are missing which can make it difficult to use YouTube easily. With windows 8 or 10 the best way to get around it is to use MetroTube so that you can watch your favourite and new videos with ease and interact. The interface of Metrotube is similar to Window Phone with Metro UI. When you open up the app for the first time you will see MyTube to the left where you are able to sign in and get fast access to your account. You can even find the most watched videos so that you can see what you think for yourself. The home screen can be customised easily by using the + key which lets you add your own search/categories.


Interface and Features

As soon as you choose a category you will see the videos displayed along with a sidebar to locate what you want. You can choose watch history, favourites, subscribe and add videos to watch later. You can even choose videos based on those you have put in your criteria and the scrolling is infinite so that you can automatically see results rather than clicking next. Once you choose a video the details are displayed including the amount of likes, when it was uploaded and views so far or choose to see all of the videos in the selected channel. Choose to stream videos in different quality levels and view in full screen or portrait mode on a tablet.



MetroTube is still the best YouTube app available as it allows you to access everything you want when you want. Bugs that were reported in the previous version have been fixed however updates on a more frequent basis would help to improve and respond to small glitches that remain. There have been a few video playback issues however since the latest updates the search and browse functions are working seamlessly. I like the fact that there is a free version of the app and also a paid version which gives you more functionality so you can try before you buy. All in all it is the best app that I have found to be able to use YouTube seamlessly on my Windows devices whether at home or out and about. Being able to use the app, do something else on the device and go right back to where I was is a big plus too!

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