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How to Use Keepvid to Download Youtube Video?

Written by Liza Brown

It is fun and exciting to stream videos online but there are times when you want to save them in your system so that you can cherish them always. You can’t depend on unreliable internet all the time! You can find bunch of websites which gives you an option to save hard copies of videos but not all of them are dependable. The right download tool can prove to be bliss! Keepvid is a well-known web interface which will help you in downloading and recording videos from various online streaming sites. This means you don’t have to go to YouTube every time and stream the video; you can download them and record them.

What makes Keepvid a must use tool?

  • Keepvid is absolutely free and web application with user friendly interface so you can use it in the best and easiest manner.
  • Keepvid is equipped to read all sorts of possible formats which different websites provide and thus it becomes very simple to download the video.
  • It has ability to convert the downloaded videos into desired format. This means now you can customize the video to fit into your official or unofficial presentation and improve its framework and interface.
  • You can also download the video in MP3 format.
  • You can access it any and all the time.


  • Age restricted videos show error while downloading.
  • Subtitles are not downloaded in few videos.

How to download videos free with Keepvid?

It is easier than making a cup of coffee! Check out!

Step 1: Copy the URL from YouTube

Step 2: Go to and paste the copied link and hit on download button next to the field where you pasted the URL.

Step 3: if the version of Java in your system is out of date then update the plug-in by visiting the java website. Don’t worry, the page will route you itself!

Step 4: Accept the terms and conditions and run this software after Java is installed/ updated. Your video will start downloading thereafter!


Alternative for

Though Keepvid will serve to the best of your needs but if you ever have to look for alternatives for this software then Wondershare video converter ultimate should be your next choice. It helps in downloading, conversion, organizing, capturing and burning into a storage device. It is available for all sorts of operating systems but is available for free only on trial basis. It converts the video at a very fast speed and thus can serve as alternative of Keepvid. The download feature of Wondershare video converter ultimate is the most comprehensive source for safe, trusted and reliable video downloader. You can download and weave the videos using this by importing the video clips into your timeline. It may lack some of the subtle features but its downloading and editing part is beyond comparison. Along with this, it also provides functionality of requesting a new feature if need be! It is designed t tackle all your video downloading requirements!

But for now, let us go back to our exceptionally designed Keepvid! It has all the features which enhance the quality of the video and serves as a support for a large number of smartphones and tablets. So just put in the URL of the video and let Keepvid do its job!video-converter-ultimate-convert

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