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How to Unblock YouTube and Watch at School, College and Workplaces

Written by Liza Brown

Some schools, institutions and workplaces restrict students and employees from accessing websites like YouTube. This applies greatly on educational environments but there are many ways on how to watch YouTube at school. Below are the ways on how to unblock YouTube and watch at school, college or workplaces.

1. Use VPN Services to Unblock YouTube Videos

Can’t bypass YouTube blocking in your school or workplace? There is an easy way on how to watch YouTube at school and that is to hide your IP address with use of a VPN service, regardless of where you are.

What is VPN?

VPN can help you be anonymous and protect your identity online by tunneling our communication through a stable and secure server. Unencrypted date can’t enter that tunnel so you can assure that your data is invisible and safe. VPN also changes the visibility of your IP address to the world so your usernames or passwords can’t be stolen.

How to Use VPN Provider

You can easily bypass YouTube restrictions and blockages when you connect to the internet via VPN service. Just choose your VPN servicer and it will be the middleman working between the YouTube server and your PC. Once the site administrator has detected your location, they will be finding the location of the remote server. Then, they can already bypass blockings and connect restrictions that concern YouTube. Some useful VPNs are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Buffered, and NordVPN.


2. Using Online YouTube Proxy Sites

Using an anonymous online YouTube proxy sites is another way on how to watch YouTube at school. It can bypass any web filter at your school, work, or country. You can use a proxy to unblock many of the popular videos you have, especially YouTube.

Web Proxy

A web proxy is web-based and works with web browsers but doesn’t require additional software that you need to install on your PC. Web proxy accepts client URL and fetch contents to be forwarded back to the client after changes such as converting hyperlinks into “proxy links” for ensured anonymity and proper navigation while browsing. Popular proxy sites are Filterbypass, Unlock My Web, Proxy Site, Proxify and Free YouTube Proxy.

Unlock Video Websites

Proxy sites intend to provide flawless support on how to watch YouTube at school by:

  • Proxy Location (browsing from another country) – YouTube may be restricted based on location but you can use proxy sites to appear from multiple locations. Just choose a different server for your proxy site.
  • SSL Encryption – Proxy sites encrypt outgoing requests using 256-bit SSL encryption. With secure connection, the sites you browse using a proxy site will not be seen by network

3. Use Browser Add-ons to Unblock YouTube Videos

If you want to unblock YouTube at your school or workplace via VPN but it fails, your alternative method can be browser add-ons. Adding browser add-ons will be really helpful in unblocking websites.

  • ZenMate – Chrome Add-on – If you’re a Chrome user, you can install ZenMate as an extension for you to be able to access YouTube or any blocked sites or contents in no time.
  • Proxy Tube Firefox Add-on – This is another add-on that can bypass geographical restrictions. For Firefox users, add this to your browsers to access YouTube in just one click.

4. Use HTTPS

It may be a no-brainer but this method can sometimes work like a charm. Most schools block gaming, video, social media sites by just entering web addresses manually. If they blocked URLs that start with http://, you can be lucky with a secure http:// connection. Instead of using, you can try

5. Browse by Configuring Manual Proxy Settings

While you can watch YouTube videos by simply configuring proxy address in the browser, proxy servers also do the same but you can always try the first one because the latter may require you to resubmit URLs repeatedly. But if you configure the proxy address directly in your browser, you don’t need to submit URLs again.

  1. Get any proxy that works.
  2. Configure the proxy in the browser.
  4. Click MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter proxy IP address you selected then set the port number to 8080 and save.

6. Download the YouTube Video and Watch at School

Having problems with a blocked YouTube website? You might want to try installing Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate so that you won’t go through many steps just to watch YouTube at school. With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can enjoy your videos in a simple way, in the highest quality. You can do more than just converting. You can download, burn, edit, enhance, capture and watch in more than 150 formats.

win Version mac Version
How to Download YouTube Video to PC
  1. Launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
  2. Choose the “Download” Tab
  3. Click on “Add URL”
  4. Paste the Desired Video URL
  5. Specify Output Folder
  6. Specify Output Format
  7. Begin Download

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