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How to Download Music from YouTube to Phone?

Written by Liza Brown

There are different ways on how you can download music from YouTube to your phone and one of which is the use of specific apps from different platforms for downloading YouTube music.

How to Download Music from YouTube to Android Phone

VidMate is a popular YouTube downloader that can be used for android phones. It allows you to download full length movies in different languages and developers are even adding more languages to its system to cater to other movies. You get to download as many videos as you want as it doesn’t have any download queue. However, if you plan on downloading several videos at a time, make sure that you have a lot of data to use as the app requires huge data.

There is a mobile app available that allows you to make use of the software on your android phone whenever you want. Since it is free, a lot of people can download it easily and have the software carried wherever they want and download as many videos as they want. The app also allows you to stream and download video at the same time. This is why you need to use a lot of data for the app.vidmate

How to Download Music from YouTube to Windows Phone

MusicTube is a widely used downloader for music from YouTube to Windows phone. You just have to get the app downloaded on your phone and download YouTube videos whenever you need to. It lets you download full albums along with lyrics and also the artist pictures. It allows you to edit your playlist and choose whether to watch the video in thumbnail or full screen. Though you can edit your playlist, it may not allow you to save it and voice overs may not be removed if the source has it. Using it is easy just like how other downloader apps work.


How to Download Music from YouTube to IPhone

Vdownload is made specifically for the purpose of downloading YouTube music to your iPhone device. Just like other downloader software, you just have to pick the video you want from YouTube and then paste it to the space provided on its download panel. It allows you to download any video and have it downloaded or converted into any format you want. Though the download process is not really a problem, the video that it may detect may not always be the video you want. Also, if it detects the right video, you can’t choose the quality you want.v-downlaod

For Non-Smartphones (iOS and android included)

Making use of any apps from different platforms for downloading music from YouTube is not applicable. However, you can download music online and transfer it to your normal phone if it has a SD card slot.

Using YouTube Music Downloader Software

Another way of downloading YouTube music is through the use of downloader software like WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate and it can be used on any kind of phones.

WonderShare is considered as an all in one tool that allows you to download YouTube videos and convert and transfer it to any phones. It lets you download, edit and enhance the video prior to downloading the video. You can download the free version or the premium version and launch the software. The default tab selected is usually the “convert” button, but if you want to download click the “Download” tab. Click add URL, paste the URL, pick the output folder and output format and finally start the download.

Once the download is finished, you can then transfer the downloaded file to any phone you have. What makes this interesting is the fact that you can transfer the file regardless of your

win Version mac Version

Using Online Download Helper Site

Another alternative is using online download helper site to download YouTube music and then transfer to any kind of phones.

A site that you can use is to download YouTube music. It is where you can download any YouTube videos and convert it to any file format. Since you need YouTube music, you can convert the file to MP3. It comes with instructions just below the site for you to click the right buttons and start downloading.

To get started, go to the site, enter the YouTube link on the space provided and pick the MP3 format for you to download the YouTube music alone. Click convert and wait till it redirects you to the page where you can download the converted file. Click the download button and wait for the download process to finish. Once done, you can transfer the downloaded file from your computer to any kind of phones.clipconverter

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