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How to Download Youtube Videos

Written by Liza Brown

If you are interested in downloading videos directly from YouTube there are many different programs that you can use at your disposal to get great clips from the YouTube video hosting site. Having access to some of these films could help you to expand your own creative products or potentially watch some of the films that would normally be kept only online, on your devices in an offline sense. Downloading YouTube videos to your PC can be done using almost limitless options but through our review we will pick out some of the best software that you can use to keep these files on your PC for editing, sharing and reposting however you wish.

Download with youtube downloader software

One of the fastest ways that you can get access to the most options for download with YouTube videos is with the help of software.Some of the best software available on the market today includes:

Wondershare video converter ultimate:

Wondershare video converter ultimate still stands as the premier software for downloading YouTube videos. Not only does Wondershare come with an extremely fast download and conversion software but users can very easily convert files to almost any type of format that they may be looking for. With hundreds of format options as well as many different resolution options available, you can enjoy just the quality video that you may be looking for. As well as all of these options for output and fast downloads, wonder sure video converter ultimate also comes with a full suite video editor.

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YTD Video Downloader:

YTD basic video downloader comes with a variety of streaming site support for download and conversion. The video converter features support for up to 1080 P downloading as well as the chance to potentially rename and change some resolution options from any video that you save online. The app is fairly small and easy to install but it doesn’t come with the same editing software or the availability to convert and download multiple files at once. Overall this is a simple yet functional application that you can use to download a wide array of YouTube videos with fairly quick ease.ytd-video-downloader

Any Video Converter:

Any video converter ultimate is a piece of software that you can quickly install to record and download videos while legally removing DRM protection on all streaming content. Not only can you download videos using the software from YouTube but a wide array of other streaming sites. You can download videos in batch and easily convert the file format to files that will work perfectly with CDs or DVDs. A basic editor involved in the program also makes it simple to edit video clips, cut crop and more.any_video_converter

Using online video download option

The second option you may have for quickly downloading and saving YouTube videos is with the use of an online video download option.There are many websites where you can quickly download YouTube videos and save them for playing on your PC later. Here are some of the top three online sources that you can use to quickly download youtube videos:

Clipconverter CC:

Using this very simple interface you can copy and paste the link into the browser bar and then choose a conversion format in AVI, MOV, 3GP, MP4 or a variety of audio formats like MP3, M4A and ACC. While this converter is extremely simple it also doesn’t come with editing options or the chance to control the resolution or quality of the clip on the output. The converter also only currently works with Youtube negating any chance that you could potentially use the converter with any other type of streaming site. This site is perfect for converting just one or two videos at once but with the limited options in the availability to only convert from YouTube, it may not be a tool that every film creator or youtube enthusiast could use.clipconverter

Keep Vid:

Keepvid allows for download from around 10,000 different websites. There is even availability or record videos directly from streaming sites and the chance to download videos in batch. Keepvid is one of the most popular video download services and it’s available on Macintosh and Windows based PC. Over 28 of the most popular streaming sites like funny or die, discovery and YouTube are all available for easy capture using this online solution. To get started all you need to do is submit the link to the video that you would like to convert and have the video content kept in a few different file formats. The output options are fairly lacking on this but it does allow for a mass compatibility for many streaming sites.keepvid

4K video downloader:

4K video downloader is a piece of software that you can use for downloading videos from YouTube as well as some light video editing tasks. One of the best aspects of this online video downloader is that it’s one of the very few available that actually involves the ability to download videos in 4K resolution. Using the editing tools online you can create 4K slideshows, 4k video download as well as 4K quality HD audio downloads all from YouTube clips. This could be the perfect online creation tool for many video editors and regular publishers to youtube.4k-video-downloader

Install a browser extension.

The third option that you have as far as saving YouTube videos is concerned is to install a browser extension. Here are some of the top browser extensions available for Firefox and Chrome as well as opera:

Youtube MP3:

This extension for Firefox can be installed in a matter of just a few minutes and offer simple support for downloading high-quality MP3s as well as full videos directly from you to. The browser extension button works flawlessly and you can edit some settings from the menu of the extension. While this browser extension doesn’t come with some of the bells and whistles that you might find in software or an online solution it is completely free and stays in your browser for easy download whenever you may need it. The files all save to a predetermined folder in your documents or to a new directory if you decide to change the location.youtubemp3

Easy Youtube video Downloader:

This browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Opera as well as for Firefox. With a mass compatibility you can have confidence of knowing that you can very easily download videos on any browser platform. Extension downloads from YouTube can be made in FLV, MP3, 3GP, MP4 and in a variety of resolutions such as 1080 P and 720 P. With a stable build and a mass compatibility, this is a fairly easy YouTube video downloader that lets you submit a list of several links which will download one at a time to a predetermined folder of your choice.easy-youtube

Youtube Center:

Youtube Center is a free browser extension that’s available for both chrome and Firefox. It comes with several different options to improve YouTube as well as some simple download options which work very well. The program waits for the entire video to load preventing buffering download problems and you can download many different types of videos. You can hide videos in YouTube that you have downloaded previously as well as create import lists of video downloads that you would like to keep on your PC. YouTube center is convenient and you can change a few resolution options but unfortunately the file types are relatively set for this

Saving your YouTube videos to a mobile phone

If you would like to save your YouTube videos to a mobile phone you could also consider downloading software or applications for android or IOS:

The main app for android is wontube:

Wontube eliminates all of the annoying features that come with many free youtube downloaders on android. The youtube downloader is known to be extremely reliable and although it doesn’t come with many options as far as changing the resolution, you can download videos from YouTube to offline storage on your device for watching without using up some of your mobile data bandwidth. The program is absolutely free and it can be found from a variety of sources like the Wontube website as well as in the play store.wontube

Document 5 is a great video for youtube video download on IOS:

The itunes option is a PDF reader/ file downloader as well as a streaming source downloader. With the ability to download a wide variety of files to your iPad, iphone or other IOS device you can keep an ongoing list of off-line files for perfect use with your devices. With complete IOS 10 compatibility this will remain one of the most popular choices for downloading YouTube videos, PDF content and more for offline use.document-5

Downloading YouTube videos on any device doesn’t have to be a chore with some of these great tools available to you!

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