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How to Download Youtube Videos with VLC?

Written by Liza Brown

VLC is platform independent transferable media player available free of cost. It supports all types of devices whether it is iPhone, android, iPad, Windows phone or any other device. It is also compatible with every type of operating system like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and GNU etc. Various audio and video formats are also supported by it including streaming protocols, VCDs and DVDs. Streaming media files over networks and converting it is another feature of VLC media player. There are many benefits of using VLC media player such as:

  • You are not required to find or calibrate proprietary plug in due to presence of free encoding and decoding libraries in large number.
  • The users are also allowed to play .iso files on a disk image.
  • The videos can be played in AVCHD file format utilized in HD camcorders.
  • It is a region free media player.

How to use VLC to download YouTube video?

The steps for downloading YouTube videos with the help of VLC Media player are:

  • The first and foremost thing is to download and install the upgraded version of VLC on your PC.
  • When you will open VLC media player, click on Media icon and choose Open network stream. Select network tab and enter the network URL of desired video.
  • Click on play button so that video can be played. After this, choose “Tools” option which is present on the menu bar and select “Codec Information” to open Media information window.
  • After opening, you can see a link i.e. location value from which you can download your video file. When you will right click on this link, choose “select all” option. After that, copy the link by right clicking it again.
  • Paste the location value in address bar on your web browser and your video will be automatically played by the browser. Then right click on the browser window and select “Save Video As” option. Hence your video will be saved in your computer.


Best alternative of VLC to download YouTube videos:

Your desired YouTube videos can be easily downloaded from Wondershare video converter ultimate by the following steps:

  • Double click on its icon to launch this video converter.
  • On opening this software, you will find “Convert “tab by default but you need to select “download” tab for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Select “Add URL button” which is available on the top left corner of it. After clicking it, you will see a pop up window in which you will have to paste the required video URL. Then you will be asked other details also needed to start the download process.
  • Identify the output folder to save your download video file. The Wondershare video converter ultimate folder is selected by default but you can also choose folder of your own choice for saving downloaded file.
  • You have also an option to select output format of the video as per your requirement.
  • Click on “OK” button so that settings can be saved and process of downloading can begin. In this way you can get your YouTube videos downloaded in a fast manner.

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