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How to Download YouTube Video on Windows Phone?

Written by Liza Brown

When trying to figure how to download YouTube videos.  It can be a bit challenging to do this without any prior knowledge, however the following explains the three best ways to download YouTube videos to a Windows phone.

Method 1: Using Tube Pro

With Tube Pro, you are able to play videos on YouTube in high quality resolution.  These videos can be downloaded onto a Windows phone for no cost at all.  Videos can be downloaded, playlists can be created, subscriptions can be monitored, screen size settings can be selected, different volume settings can be selected, and much more than that.  There are options to take part in a paid version of the app that allows there to be no more advertisements.

To use Tube Pro to download YouTube videos on a Windows phone, start by downloading the app from the Windows phone store.  This app has become a major favorite among Widows phone users, and is worth giving a try before trying out other options available on the market.  This app is free to download and allows users to download videos to be watched offline. Tube Pro

Method 2: Use Internet Explorer

For those updated to 8.1, it is easier than ever to download YouTube videos.  Internet explorer opens up the opportunities for the downloading of YouTube videos at a high quality resolution.  The resolution of the videos can be determined by the watcher.downloader.

To begin downloading on your phone browser, download the YouTube app form the Windows phone store.  Save YouTube videos through Internet Explorer, by opening the browser, heading to YouTube, copying the URL, and heading to and pasting the URL. Lastly, select download and wait until there is a link for download on the right hand side of the video.  Once there is, be sure to save in the correct location.  Once the video is downloaded, simply find the video amongst your normal phone’s memory.

Method 3: Download YouTube on PC and Transfer to Phone

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the easiest means of downloading videos.  With Wondershare, you can enhance videos you choose to download and you can select the format in which the video is downloaded.

Open up the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate by selecting its icon.  Press the option at the top of the application to download.  On the screen there will be two options, one of which includes “Add URL”.  Select that option.  Once you select, paste the URL in the box, select where you would like the video the save, and in what format.  Let the download get started by selecting the “OK” button on the screen.

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