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How to Download YouTube Video to PSP?

Written by Liza Brown

Do you have a PSP? Perhaps, you might now know it yet but it is possible for you to download your favorite YouTube videos to PSP. Yes, that’s right as long as you follow the steps listed below.

How to Download the Video:

  1. Download wondershare video converter ultimate, Launch the Software and Click on the “Download” Tab. You can do this one by double clicking on the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and the download tab is at the top part of the screen.
  2. Click the “Add URL” Button. On the upper left corner of the screen, tap the Add URL button.
  3. Paste the URL. Once the pop up window has appeared, paste the URL of your desired video there. After that, specify the folder where you would want the video to be saved as well as it’s format.
  4. Select the device. As you want to download the video on your PSP, choose “PSP” and then click “ok”.

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How to Transfer the Video to PSP:

  1. Purchase a memory stick. It would be best for you to have a 512 MB one or bigger than that.
  2. Ensure that your PSP is turned off and with the use of the USB cable connect your device to your computer.
  3. After turning it on, select “USB Connection” and then press “X” in the Setting menu.
  4. In the Windows Explorer, go to the removable drive and find the PSP folder.
  5. Create an MP_ROOT folder and inside that, create a 100MNV01folder, where you would be copying the videos you have downloaded.
  6. On your PSP, go to “Video” and then select the memory stick. From there, you can now watch your downloaded videos.

How to download YouTube video to PSP without a computer:

  1. Use a Video Download Site on psp to download youtube video.

Open the web browser on your PSP and then enter in the address bar. After that, look for the video that you want and then move the cursor towards the video. Click on the triangle button then on the menu, click “Address”. Press start two times, click on the URL of the video the click “Download” just below it.

  1. Use a Hacked PSP on psp to download youtube video.

Install the latest custom firmware then download a homebrew program for YouTube. Connect your PSP to your computer then on your PSP, press the “O” button. Run the program and then look for the video that you wanted to download.

  1. Use PSP2b on psp to download youtube video.

Open the web browser on your PSP then start searching for the videos that you want. After selecting a video, a link would appear and so, download the vLoader file using it. From there, you can now download all the videos that you want on YouTube. You can even select it’s resolution. More than that, you can now start watching your videos anytime after it has been downloaded. You can find them at the XMB’s “Video” folder.


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