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How to Download YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country

Written by Liza Brown

Why You Have the Problem: YouTube Video Not Available In Your Country?

YouTube is not only the best video sharing site in your country, but it is also the best site in the entire world. This is important to remember because you will inevitably run into a video that you may want to see that is unable to be viewed by you because of an error that says “This video is not available in your country.” This is a very common error and it shows up whenever someone wants to watch a video that was restricted for viewing in your particular country. If you want to watch a viral video that everyone seems to be talking about and can’t, there are things that you can do to get around this error.this-video-is-not-available-in-your-country

How to Download YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country

Here you have a couple of different options. Your first option is to get a program that will allow you to download YouTube videos, such as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. After you purchase this versatile piece of software, you will need to start the program before downloading your YouTube video. Click on the “Download” tab, and you will get an option to “Add URL”. Click on this, and you will be able to paste the URL for the YouTube video that you would like to download. Specify both the output format and folder and then you can begin downloading the video. After it has completed downloading, you will see it on the list for you to be able to watch it.

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Another option that you have is to use an online downloading helper site. One such site that you can use for this purpose is You will first need to copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download. Then go to the Save Net Downloader, where you will paste the URL in the bar. After you press enter, you will be able to begin the downloading process. After it has finished downloading, you are all set to watch this video.savefromnet

Watch YouTube Video Not Available In Your Country without Download

Not everyone wants to go through the process of downloading the video so that they can watch it. However, you do not need to if you know another work around. There are two common methods that you can use to watch these videos. The first way that you can do this is by messing with the URL of the video. After the “” part of the address, you can usually find something that says “/watch?v”. Replace this part of the address with “/v/” and you can try to watch the video now. This does not always work but it is easy enough to try first.

If you are using a browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you can get an extension that will help you watch these restricted videos. To do this, you will need to download the HOLA VPN extension for these browsers. After it is downloaded, paste the URL of the video into the browser’s address bar. Click the HOLA extension’s icon and select your country. Refresh the page and your video should now be working.

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