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How to Download YouTube Video on Linux

Written by Liza Brown

Use Download Tools on Linux

Not everyone uses the traditional operating systems. In fact, there are a lot of people who prefer Linux to the various other options that are available to them. However, this can make things a little bit more difficult if you want to download a YouTube video on Linux. One tool that is particularly popular to choose for this purpose is the ytd-gtk tool. If you use Ubuntu or one of its other derivatives, you need to get to the command line and type in “sudo apt-get install ytd-gtk”. If you use Fedora/CentOS, you need to get to the command line and type in “yum install ytd-gtk”. However, if you are using openSUSE, you need to use Zypper to get this tool.

Once you get the ytd-gtk downloaded, you can access the YouTube downloader through the command line when you type in “ytd-gtk &”. You will be able to use the YouTube downloader by using the menu system. One example of this is that if you use Ubuntu, you are able to search for the YouTube downloader and an icon will appear. You will be able to click on this in order to run the application. There are 3 tabs on this application and to download YouTube videos, you will be using the “Download” tab. You will need to paste the video URL that you want to download into the box and hit download. After it is downloaded, you can change the output to a different option to make viewing better for you.

Use Online Helper Site on Linux

If that seems too complicated for you, there is another option for you to consider. You can get a YouTube downloader like Flvto Video Converter to help you out with downloading your YouTube video. When using this helper site, you will need to copy the link of the YouTube video that you would like to download. You will next paste the link of the YouTube video into the Input box on the screen. The next step is that you need to click the option that says “Convert To”. From here, you will get a screen that allows you to download the video. You can download this video into a variety of different formats that will be able to enhance your viewing experience. This is a very easy to use way to download YouTube video on Linux. If the download tools option is too complicated for you to do or you just want to quickly get the video without any hassle, an online helper site will be your best option.flv-to

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