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How to Download YouTube Video on Internet Explorer

Written by Liza Brown

When using Internet Explorer, it can be difficult to decide the means in which you should utilize to download YouTube videos.  With the following three methods, you can most easily download right from Internet Explorer without needing to rely on smart phones or app stores that ask for tons of storage and mobile devices.

Method 1: Use YouTube Downloader Plug-In or IE Extension

With a YouTube download helper like DownloadHelper, you can easy download from a variety of sites.  Videos downloaded can be saved and converted into various video formats, and all that is needed is for this is a simple plug-in for Internet Explorer.

To utilize the IE-DownloadHelper, first install IE DownloadHelper to Internet Explorer.  After this, a blue light will appear.  Whenever a webpage presents a video or audio that can be downloaded, the blue light will become a green icon.

To download the video, select the green icon when it appears.  After this, select the file desired to download and select the location for the download.  Once these steps have been performed, be sure to select the format in which you would prefer your video to be saved.   iedownload-helper

Method 2: Use Online Helper Site

One of the best online helper sites for YouTube download with Internet Explorer is  Once you head to the Clip Converter, find the video you are trying to download.  Take the URL and copy it.  Head to the Clip Converter, and paste the URL of the video you have selected.  Opt for the format you desire to have it saved as and adjust the remaining settings available.  Select start – you will see this at the bottom of the page.  This process may take a bit of time.  Lastly, remember to download your converted file.  Currently, only particular files you select will be saved. clipconverter

Method 3: Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimateto Download YouTube Videos

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will easily download and allow personalization of YouTube videos.  Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the easiest means of downloading videos.  With Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, you can enhance videos you choose to download and you can select the format in which the video is downloaded.

To use the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, open up the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate by selecting its icon.  Press the option at the top of the application to download.  On the screen there will be two options, one of which includes “Add URL”.  Select that option.  Once you select, paste the URL in the box, select where you would like the video the save, and in what format.  Let the download get started by selecting the “OK” button on the screen.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is simple to use and helps customers download videos from YouTube in a fashion that requires minimal steps.

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