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How to Download YouTube Video on Firefox with Flash Video Downloader

Written by Liza Brown

About Flash Video Downloader

One of the reasons that people love Firefox is because of all of the amazing add-ons that you have access to. One of these add-ons is Flash Video Downloader. This add-on allows the user to download pretty much any video or audio from mostly any website, though there are some exceptions to this. This includes from YouTube. You can record video from YouTube in several different formats as long as the button changes to the color blue, which means there is downloadable content on this site. Not only can you do this, but you are also able to filter out ads so you can get right to your video without waiting forever for an ad that you have already seen a dozen times.

There are some pros and cons that come with using this add-on. One complaint that people have is that this program does not work consistently. However, people are quick to note that when this add-on does work it is quite fantastic to use. It is also incredibly easy to use, which is really an important thing to consider when choosing add-ons.  This add-on also works very fast, allowing you to quickly download the YouTube video of your choice. For the most part, people are very happy with this add-on.flash-video-downloader

Download YouTube Video with Firefox on PC

Now that you know what the Flash Video Downloader is, you are probably very interested in getting this add-on for your own use. Luckily for you, this is also very easy to do. To begin, you need to open up Firefox if you have it (or download it from Mozilla’s website if you do not). Next, open up the menu and go to the “Add-Ons” option to get the option “Get Add-On”. From here, search for “Flash Video Downloader” on top of the screen. Then, download the “Flash Video Downloader”. Once it has completed the download, you will get an option to install the add-on. It will quickly install. After the Flash Video Downloader has been installed, you will get an option to restart Firefox. Click on this and allow Firefox to restart. When Firefox comes back up, you can now begin using it. Remember to look for the icon to turn blue as this means there is downloadable content available.

Download YouTube Video with Firefox on Android

You can also use Flash Video Downloader on your Android phone or tablet as well. To do this, you need to make sure that you have Firefox for your device. When you open up your device’s Firefox browser and go to the download page. You need to download Flash Video Downloader- YouTube HD Downloader because you need a YouTube compatible add-on. When it comes up, click “Add to Firefox” to download it. After it has downloaded, you will get an option to install it. It really is as simple as that. When you open up the YouTube website on the device’s Firefox browser, you will see a blue download arrow appear if you are able to download a video. When you click on the blue download button, you will get a screen with options on it for the download resolution. Click on the resolution that you want and it will begin the download. You are now all set to watch your video.

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