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How to Download Youtube Video to Android with Tubemate

Written by Liza Brown

If you have a YouTube video or a series of YouTube videos that you would like to download permanently to your smartphone you should strongly consider the use of high-quality software that can be used to permanently capture some of your favorite videos online. The good news is there is plenty of different software available that you can use to quickly download videos and keep them for later without having to use any extra mobile bandwidth.

About Tubemate

One of the best key software items for downloading YouTube videos to your android phone is Tubemate. If you are interested in trying a very simple program that can be used to convert and download YouTube videos, this is one of the best. Here is a quick rundown of how to use this software and the various features included with it:

Tubemate is a YouTube downloader made specifically for android. It is very simple downloading can even be found in the Google place store. Featuring fast download technology, the program can provide multiple download resolution options, the ability to download multiple YouTube videos as well as pause downloading on the fly. This means that you can queue up various YouTube videos that you would like to save and then have them all download on a Wi-Fi only connection.

Extra features included with this software also involve the ability to create MP3 files from a YouTube download, to queue up a playlist of video and audio files that you have downloaded as well as receive ongoing YouTube search related videos that you can download later on. With all of the preference and resolution options available in the software you can download YouTube videos to your devices in the resolution that you are looking for as well as receive future recommendations for downloads that you can watch on the go.

Not too many other YouTube video downloaders have the ability to record and extremely high definition for top-quality smart phones. This YouTube downloader is also perfect for creating high-end and low-end videos ideal for cell phone users and compatibility at any end of the spectrum. The program is extremely secure and very easy to download for use.tubemate

The steps for download Youtube video to android with Tubemate

In order to change your YouTube video over and downloaded using to make, you simply need to get started with downloading the program. The program is available directly from the Tubemate website as well as in apk file from a number of different resources. You can also find the program in the Google place store.

If you are installing via the APK file source you should first set your allow installation sources to unknown sources so that you can install an application that has not been identified by the Google play store. This will give you access to the ability to install tube mate on most smart phones or tablets.

After downloading the application to your Google phone or android tablet, you can make sure that the YouTube application is installed as well. After installing both of the applications you can pick out a number of selections for the type of videos that you might be searching for.

  • Once the app has been installed you can hit the agreed permissions button and get started with the process of selecting your videos.
  • Go to the search option and start browsing for the YouTube videos that you are looking for.
  • Click the 3 dots menu at the side and you can create a playlist of some of the top videos that you might want to download.
  • After picking the video that you would like to download tube mate will prompt you with a number of responses as far as the quality of the video you would like.
  • After selecting the quality and resolution of the video you can click the download button and automatically save that video for play in a variety of different programs on your android phone or tablet.
  • You can tab several different videos to download and then save them all or pause downloading until you’re on a Wi-Fi connection.
  • After that find the completed videos which have downloaded and play them using your off-line video solutions such as VLC or android media player.

The best tubemate alternative:

One of the other apps you can use to download youtube links with your android phone is with the Youtube India APK. This APK is another version of YouTube that was originally published for an Indian audience. You can download the APK using the same settings that you would to install Tubemate. The only problem with installing this APK is that it comes with a risk. With so many scammers trying to use this exploit on an app that isn’t directly designed for use with youtube downloads, there are much better alternatives

Tubemate still remains the best APK download source for converting and downloading videos to youtube. If you need to download a video to android on youtube, you should strongly consider the use of this app to make the process much easier.

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