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ClipGrab Review

Written by Liza Brown

Downloading video files online from websites like Metacafe, Vimeo, YouTube as well as Dailymotion could range from unfeasible to very awkward unless you use a simple, efficient and free downloading tool like ClipGrab. This small but powerful application searches for videos on many renowned websites and downloads in batches as well as in the level of quality and format you want. ClipGrab offers two ways of downloading video files.

User Experience of this Program

There are many ways you can utilize this program, making it an extremely flexible tool which will suit lots of diverse kind of working. The integrated search is the initial thing you see once you stir up the program,  however if you have already found the video you love, just copy and paste the URLs into the application.

If you want a video available on YouTube or Dailymotion, you can look for it through entering keywords in the given search box and transfer it to the download list simply through clicking it when the tool finds it. However, when the video belongs to a diverse website, all you have to do is to copy the URL. Set the app to instantly download entire URLs sent to the clipboard.

Every time you transfer video files to the list of download, this tool will ask you for the format as well as quality you like the downloaded file to have. You can tell the app to download it in the original format in order to avoid loss of quality during process of conversion or choose the format that is supported by the program like Ogg, WMV or MP4. You can also extract the sound stream of the file and then save it as MP3 file format. If the option for every video file has been set, you have to click on the button “Grab this clip” in order to send the file to the list of download.clipgrab

ClipGrab is very small software which provides the possibility of downloading and converting video file. It is efficient, fast, easy to use and free.


  • There are many good reasons why you need to consider this downloading tool such as it supports batch download, it functions with a huge number of video websites online, simple as well as has an intuitive interface. This also allows you to choose the quality and format you want and it download High Definition video formats.


  • The highlight of this program is the integrated YouTube search function which is also its drawback. Sad to tell, integrated search feature isn’t relatively as superior as may be hoped. This means after you have keyed in the search keywords, you just see the top twelve results. There’s no way to improve the number. This is not a main issue anyway. It is something that can have been addressed, changing a valuable tool into a truly indispensable program.

How to download YouTube Videos with ClipGrab

  • Install ClipGrab.
  • Copy the link of the video.
  • Insert the link of the Video in ClipGrab: Grab will get all the needed information concerning the video file.
  • Select download quality and format.
  • Grab that video: Click the Gran this clip bar. You’ll be asked to choose a file name then after putting the file name, download will begin.


ClipGrab is an easy and quick way to get videos from various video sharing sites. When you are searching for a program to permit viewing offline, look no further than ClipGrab.

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