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The Best Tubemate Alternative for Android

Written by Liza Brown

There are no doubts that Tubemate is one of the best entertainment android apps you will find in digital market today, but this does not imply that it’s the ultimate one and everyone has to use it. Despite it being one of the best apps, there are those who will be dissatisfied with it and prefer other apps instead. If you are such kind of a person and you are searching for awesome Tubemate alternatives, consider the options given below-:

Videoder – World’s Best Video and Music Downloader

Videoder is an awesome YouTube music and video downloader for android devices and it makes a great Tubemate alternative. The superiority of the app is demonstrated by the fact that it is loved and appreciated by over 20 million users around the globe. Some of its most prominent features include-

  • ability to download unlimited music and videos for free
  • Doesn’t come with annoying ads
  • Download is possible in all resolutions and formats
  • Beautiful and intuitive user interface
  • Has its own inbuilt web browser to make it easy for users to search for their favorite music
  • Allows for multiple batched downloading

Using this app is fairly intuitive and all you have to do is to download from a safe source then install it in your device then you will be ready to start downloading content with it.videoder


FostWire is another free android app which makes a great Tubemate alternative. So versatile is the application that it gives you the ability to not only download music and videos from YouTube alone, but also from BitTorrent and SoundCloud, besides having the ability to be used as a media player. The following are some of its outstanding features-:

  • Inbuilt torrent search
  • Ability to play content while downloading
  • Easy to filter search results by file type, documents, applications, video, music, torrents etc
  • Users can select preferred storage locations for their media
  • Built in media browser
  • Ability to download in Wi-Fi only mode to preserve mobile data
  • A fully featured music player together with gesture supportfrostwire


Snaptube is another Tubemate alternative you can consider. This Tubemate alternative enables you to watch unlimited videos, TV shows and movies for absolutely free. It has efficient features which provide users with the convenience and flexibility to get the most as far as downloading and watching entertainment media from the internet is concerned. Some of the features include the following-:

  • Lightweight hence utilizes less RAM
  • Can download videos in HD
  • Supported by over 20 high entertainment websites
  • Can convert downloads directly to MP3 formats
  • Has a beautiful and intuitive user interfacesnaptube


Vidmate is another wonderful Tubemate alternative used for downloading songs and videos from online service such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vine, and Soundcloud amongst others. Using it is quite intuitive and once installed, you can use its powerful inbuilt browser to search for music and videos in over the twenty platforms it supports. YOU will also enjoy the humongous gallery of Punjabi music videos and Hindu movie trailers which keeps on updated on a daily basis. The applications will also treat you to daily notifications for latest videos, music, entertainment and much more.vidmate

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