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Youtube to MP4 Converter for Mac

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You are aware that videos on Youtube are always updated on a regular basis as there are lots of amazing vidoes uploaded. There are times that we like to convert Youtube videos to MP$ and watch these videos on Apple TV, iPod, iPad, iPhone and more. Now, the question is, how can we convert Youtube videos to MP4 formats so we can watch great movies on your own portable device.

Part 1: Best recommended for Youtube to MP4 Converter

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Wondershare Video Conveter Ultimate is the best recommended to convert Youtube video to MP4 for Mac. It allows you to download Youtube to MP4 converter for mac, so that you can watch them offline or later on without worrying about being online.

Part 2: Online Youtube To MP4 Converter





If you like to download your favorite and best MP4 videos for your Mac, then there is no better site than Youtube in MP4 where you can download Youtube videos to MP4 format at the same time save them on your preferred device, and you are not limited along with the amount of download.






2conv is developed to offer its users with the best quality of sound and lightning quick download speed. If you want to convert Youtube videos to Mac, this is the best option for you as you can access their Youtube to MP4 converter online from any operating browser. Plus, it works smoothly in Linux, Mac, Windows, Safari, Chrome, Opera and a lot of browsers.

3. Fetchy



Because of its clean conversion and interface, enabling a user to download and convert Youtube videos to MP4 for Mac, Fetchy offers Youtube MP4 conversion along with computability at least 720p. Because of its capability to convert Youtube videos to MP3 and MP4 formats, it makes it one of the best Youtube downloader online.

4. Youtube MP4s




Youtube MP4s enable a user to convert any Youtube Videos to MP4 for mac without any hassle. They provide an online solution, but if one needs to download their videos from other sites such as Facebook, Dailymotion or Vimeo, they need to download their software first.

5. Convert All Video




Simple, fast and high efficiency – this is the famous tagline of Convert All Video, which is one of the fastest and easiest ways to convert Youtube videos to MP4 for Mac in different formats. It is 100% free so, there’s no need to think about the registration.


Part 3: Youtube to MP4 Converter for Extension for Mac

1. FastestTube (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)




FastestTube, is a browser extension, which enables you to download any Youtube video. This add-on is amazing as it is compatible along with the most famous browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. It is easy to use, download HD videos; the only drawback here was it has poor options.

2. Video DownloadHelper (Chrome/Firefox)




This extension enables downloading videos from different sites. It has highly customizable video detection and has blacklisting feature, which prevents videos from domains to be detected with the add-on.

3. ClipConverter (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)




ClipConverter’s extension adds a button on the pages of Youtube in order to download and convert Youtube videos to MP4 for Mac directly. This makes a person able to use the site more efficient and faster. Their add on is totally free of any Spyware and doesn’t install any search providers or toolbars.

4. ClipChamp (Chrome/Firefox/Opera)




ClipChamp enables you to record video files, compress and to convert Youtube videos to MP4 for Mac. You are also provided with the option to save the processed video or upload them directly to Google Drive, Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube.

5. FLVTO Youtube Downloader plugin (Safari/Chrome/Firefox)




In case you didn’t know yet, FLVTO youtube downloader is a great software that is very easy to use and helps convert Youtube videos to MP3 for Mac. There is an attractive option about this where it can download HD videos with high quality. However, it doesn’t have bandwidth limiter. Thus, users could use this tool for getting results.


Part 4: Free Youtube to MP4 Converter for Mac

1. Airy




Airy is one of a-must have Youtube MP4 converter for Mac. This is the perfect tool to convert Youtube video to MP4 for Mac, which could help you download many videos directly from Youtube. Some features to expect is to start downloading many videos simultaneously and choose resolutions and formats to save videos.

2. HandBrake




Handbrake is a program, which allows you convert different types of video files to MP4 and MKV format, while determining other output characteristics. This interface might not seem intuitive at first, however even those inexperienced users will get used to it.

3. MacX YouTube Video Converter Free Edition




MacX is your one-stop-shop Free Youtube MP4 converter for Mac where you will be provided with a wide selection of video formats such as FLV, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. Plus, this converter enables you to transfer video to MP3 on mac for playback time.

4. Video to Video Converter




Supports different formats, and has many handy pre-configurations is two of the features of Video to Video Converter. It’s totally free and supports a wide amount of formats. However, its high-resolution consumption is poor.

5. Free MP4 Video Converter




This simple yet very effective and functional tool to convert Youtube videos on MP4 for Mac is compatible along with many famous multimedia devices. This works by choosing the type of device you have, the screen resolutions and other parameters from the big submenu of this converter.


Part 5: Paid and Pro Youtube to MP4 Converter for Mac

1. Replay Media Catcher for Mac




Are you in search for the ultimate pro video downloader for Mac in town? Replay Media Catcher got you covered. With its easy to use, fast, money-back guarantee and iTunes ready feature, it is the most powerful and fitting online video downloader in town.

2. Total Video Downloader




This Youtube video converter for Mac is famous for its easy online video converter, along with ultrasonic speed. One can download any type of video that of different format and resolution. Plus, it is 4x faster than any Youtube converter.

3. Xilisoft Youtube Video Converter




Total Video Downloader is ideal for Internet video downloader Mac, which enable users four times faster download any video. With this, you are able to download and save a video at the same time within a minute.

4. Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac


Jaksta is not your typical Youtube converter as it makes easy to save and to convert Youtube videos to MP4 for Mac from a lot of websites straight to your device.

5. Movavi Video Converter




Movavi Video Conveter claimed to be the fastest and simplest media converter for Mac. It lets you to save media files in any type of format for your Mac and other devices.

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