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How to Transcribe YouTube Video

Written by Christine Smith

There are tons of tricks available to transcribe YouTube video. However, people are not aware about these options. If you are not aware about these tricks and want to discover how it works, then you came at the right place.

Transcribing YouTube videos has never been so fast and easy with the help of available options – the computer solution and mobile solutions. Follow the instruction well for a successful way to transcribe YouTube video through your desktop computer or mobile phones. Here are the tricks to do.

How to transcribe Youtube video on Windows/Mac

There are tricks that others may not discovered yet. For those who want to transcribe YouTube video on desktop, here are the following methods:

Method 1:Transcribe Youtube video using YouTube editor

Step 1: Upload your own video on YouTube and edit the texts on the dashboard.

Step 2: After you uploaded your video, and edited the texts on the dashboards, look for the caption in it and click “add captions.” Upload your text caption to the box and wait for YouTube to do the rest of the job. There are minute-by-minute captions being presented. Make sure that you have a clear words and fluent speeches to ensure good quality.

Step 3: When everything is done, hit the transcription button to see what YouTube does. Your videos are transcript already.

Method 2: Transcribe Youtube video using Google documents

Step 1: A quick Google search can help you have a good start in making this transcribing process easy. All you have to do is open the Google documents.

Step 2: When the Google document is open, click on the tools, and choose the ‘microphone.’ Play the video while the Google doc is recording the voice that comes from the video. All the captured voice that comes from the video will automatically be seen on the blank sheet.

Make sure that your voice is clearly spoken and well articulated in the video. The best thing to do is memorize the script, or have a script written in a piece of sheet, so you will not forget what you want to say when you are recording the video. This option can be very helpful, so you can fluently speak.

Step 3: All of the voices recorded from the video will automatically be seen at the Google docs. All that you are saying will be written by Google docs on the blank sheet.

This option can be advantageous because when you happen to commit mistake over your voice speech or articulation, or you stumble, you can still have a chance to repeat the action. When you finally figure it out that everything is okay, then you get a chance to get the job done.

How to transcribe Youtube video on your mobile phone

Another best option to transcribe YouTube video is through mobile phones. With the help of android device, tablet, or any smartphone, you will be given a chance to transcribe your video. This option is better because mobile phones are more precise in recording, as well as pick up less background noise, which can be captured by other normal device like desktop’s microphone.

Step 1: The first step towards getting the best result for this option is you open a word processing app in your mobile phone and any android device. Long press the keyboard and you will see the microphone button at the bottom.

Step 2: After selecting the voice input, the recording is ready to record the voice over the video that you have in the YouTube. Play the video on the computer. Make sure that you volume is loud and clear. As you are playing the video, hold the phone near the computer to have a better sound recording.

Step 3: Everything that the video is saying will automatically transcribe. You can instantly see the texts in your word processing app in your mobile phone.

This option is a great way to transcribe your video. This is also a great way to understand what the video is talking about. For people who find it hard to understand the language or the pronunciation being said by the person on the video, to transcribe YouTube video is the best option. For either computer or mobile solution, you are guaranteed with good video transcription.

Final Words

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