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Top 16 Free Online Video Converter

Written by Christine Smith

The internet is full of free and informational video content that you might need to refer to at odd times in your life. You might also want to download videos simply because of their high entertainment value. Online video converters can make the job easy by allowing you to capture videos from major video content sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook and download them in cross platform formats. The following list consists of the best free online video converter options.

Part 1: Youtube Video Converter online

1. ClipConverter


Clip Converter is a generous online video converter that allows users to convert, download, and record any type of video or audio formats to output of most cross platform formats. Simply copy and paste the video or audio URL to start conversion. The current supported video sites include YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other popular sites. Lengthier file conversions might take several minutes to generate the output file in some cases.

2. Keepvid


Keepvid is a great app to download video from over 10,000 supported video content sites and convert in to more than 150+ formats. Users can also record videos form the many video streaming sites online. The videos can also be downloaded in batches simplifying the process for larger download lists.


2conv_online is an online free service for video conversions and downloading from YouTube and popular video content sites. The site is compatible with all modern browser options. The conversion process is fast and can be completed in just 2 clicks. You can attempt unlimited free video downloads with this site.

4. Telechargerunevideo


TelechargerUneVideo is another fine option for free online video conversion form popular video content sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo and more. The converter outputs file in multiple cross platform formats along with standard MP4 and Mp3 formats. You can also convert video files to audio files within this interface.

5. SaveclipBro

saveclipSaveClipBro is a completely free online video converter that also allows you to edit and enhance the converted videos to make it more personal. Copy and paste the video URL in to the input box on the site to automatically fetch the video for conversion. You can also set parameters for rotate, change bitrate and change screen size during the conversion process.

Part 2: Online video converter to mp3

1. Convert2MP3


Convert2Mp3 allows for fast and easy download of videos from online video content sites in 3 easy steps. You just have to search for your desired video, click on the Video URL to copy the link and paste the link on to the input box on the Convert2MP3 site. You can also download and install the Convert2Mp3 addon button fur your browser to directly download videos from popular sites.

2. Convert audio to MP3


The Convert audio to MP3 website is a high quality and free online service for audio file conversions. You can upload your music files or simply copy audio URL from online sources and paste on the site to start conversions to preferred formats. You can also extract audio tracks from video files via this site.

3. Audio Converter

audio-converterWith the Audio Converter site, you can convert your audio files to any format of your preference. You can choose upload the audio files from your desktop, dropbox account, Google drive or copy the audio URL from online source sites. You can adjust the quality of the output file and enhance with advanced settings options.

4. YouTube MP3


The YoutubeMP3 site allows you to copy YouTube Video URLs and paste them on to their interface to start converting t to an audio file. The whole process takes about 3-4 minutes and the website is completely platform independent. You can use it from any device including SmartPhones.

Part 3: Online video converter to mp4

1. OnlineVideoConverter


The Online Video Converter allows you to convert any file from your own device or cloud storage to any other format for the purposes of editing or publishing online. The converter allows you to customize your settings for appropriate conversion formats. It is compatible with all the popular versions of web browsers. It is free for using for unlimited video conversions.

2. Convert to Video Files Online


Convert to Video Files Online is a free site service allowing you to convert any file uploaded from any device to different output formats. The input formats supported for the video files are 3GP, avi, wmv, flv or any other popular video format. The output generation covers all cross platform formats. The site also offers audio files conversion. You can also customize the quality and size of the output file generated after conversion on the site.

Part 4: Online Video Converter to avi

1. MP4 to AVI


The MP4 to AVI file converter is a great way to convert files to the AVI format for compatibility with a large number of desktop and laptops. The file size is also smaller in the AVI format, which makes storage easier for users. The site allows you to upload files up to 50 MB in size or paste Video URL to convert to your preferred format. The output link generated in the process will be forwarded to your specified email address.

2. Convertio


The site is an advanced and free option that allows for video file conversions from MP4 to avi online. You have to upload the input file from your device (Both Mac and Windows supported) to start the file conversion to avi. The site offers a maximum file size limit to 100 MB. You can save the converted output files on either your dropbox account or Google drive. The site has recently launched the advanced tools option for its pro version for Text recognition, URL conversion, and even PDF compress and unlocks features.

3. Convert to AVI


With this free online resource, you can convert YouTube FLV files to the more device compatible AVI format. You can add files from your desktop or from YouTube source URLs to start the conversion process. You can also convert audio eBooks to AVI files with this service.

Part 5: Online Video Converter to 3GP

1. 3gp Converter


The 3gp converter via convertio allows you to convert video and audio files to the 3gp format. The 3gp format saves storage space and is faster to play. You can also convert a variety of different video, audio, document files, and eBooks via the site’s free service. Recently they have also launched a range of advanced tools such as managing and compressing PDF and even URL converter for better application of the site’s purpose for users.

2. YouTube to 3gp


The Online Downloader offers the unique option of conversion of YouTube videos and audios to 3gp formats. The downloader is completely free to use and does not restrict usage. You can simply copy and paste the YouTube Video URL in to the input box or browse YouTube from within the Online Downloader interface to find the desired videos. Start the conversion process to a high quality 3gp or any other supported format on the site.


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