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Solid YouTube Downloader and Converter Review

Written by Christine Smith

Assessing the many video converter tools in the market is essential to make sure you only use reliable and efficient converter applications or programs for your devices. These tools handle your video content consumption at the core since every file is input on their interface. If the interface contains any malicious software it might be embedded in, every file generated as an output of the conversion. Again, you need a tool that is efficient and fast to support multiple content conversions without crashing your system. The trend of high definition video conversion leans towards 4K and Ultra HD file types for the upgraded device platforms and better sensory experience. The Solid YouTube downloader and converter tool has emerged as one of the most sought after options for video conversion amongst the masses. The following details are an in-depth perspective on the key features and the analysis of the product.

Key features

The Solid YouTube downloader and converter tool stands out as one of the more efficient tools for YouTube video capture and conversion. The tool can claim the following key features:

  • The tool allows converting and downloading YouTube videos into a variety of different formats. You can choose to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 or audio files. You can also choose to convert YouTube files to different formats such as FLV, WMV, MP$ or compatible with iPod, iPhone and Android devices.
  • You can optimize the speed of the YouTube video downloads from the tool interface.
  • Options are available with the interface to customize the YouTube video file quality and size during conversion.
  • More recently, the tool also added the conversion output formats for iPad and PSP for the video content downloaded from YouTube
  • The tool offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee for dissatisfied users.
  • The tool has been designed to be compatible with Windows machines and allows users to browse and download YouTube videos right in to the interface for further conversion optimization.
  • The Solid YouTube downloader and converter tool interface is easy to navigate with clear drop down menus for each action –oriented option.

Pros and Cons

The major pro for the product is that it is easy to operate. So many available video converters are just too complicated for users to take full advantage of all their key features. With the Solid YouTube, downloader and converter tool users are not left guessing regarding their next curse of action on the interface. The users also get a great many options for customization of the output files prior to the conversion. The drop down menus is strategically placed to provide more elaborate options for every time an action is completed.

The major con of the product is that it literally freezes all other programs running on the computer during major file conversions. This can often interrupt any other workflow that you might have had going parallel on the system.

Best alternative to Solid YouTube downloader and converter

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a handy alternative for the Solid YouTube downloader and converter.

win Version mac Version

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a paid version compatible with Windows based PCs. The program allows users to convert any video and audio content file format to over 150 + different output formats. The software also allows full DVD rips and conversions. The DVD output files can further be burned on to New DVDs to create copies. The tool can also help convert video and audio content files to a higher quality resolution output files.

The HD files can be up to a resolution of 4K. However, your system should be configured prior to the conversions to handle playing the Ultra HD file formats. The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate also allows for a better balance between file resolution and file size by offering advanced compression options of HEVC and H.265 video.

The in-built Wi-Fi options make it possible to stream video and audio content from your PC to any smart TV or phone directly. You can also share content over multiple devices without using hardware such as USB cables.

The addition of the 4K format has been quite recent to the output generation drop down on the tool’s interface. Another latest output format addition has been the VR conversions. The program offers as much as 30x more speed over any other video converter tool online.

How to remove the Solid YouTube downloader and converter from the system

If you are considering replacing the Solid YouTube downloader and converter with another alternative (such as the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate), you need to make sure that the system is completely cleared of any files or folders left from the previous tool installation to make way for the new. If any extensions from the previous Solid YouTube tool installation remain, it can hinder installation of other programs. In fact, if you are simply looking to upgrade to a paid version of the Solid YouTube tool, you should still ensure that the free version is completely uninstalled from your system before attempting a new install or the system might crash.


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