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How to Convert Video to MP3

Written by Christine Smith

If you have a video that you would like to rip into an MP3 or audio file you should strongly consider the use of a conversion program to take the audio from your downloaded video and convert it into a long MP3 file. By ripping the audio from a video you could potentially edit soundbites for another video production or even grab your favorite song from a downloaded music video. There are a number of simple ways that you can convert video to MP3’s.

How to convert video to mp3 online

Online video converters which are recommended

1. Online Convert-Online convert is a fee service that you can use to convert videos into MP3 format. You can just upload the mp4 file or select a URL to start the conversion process and then receive an mp3 after the conversion process is completed. Instead of a browser extension this entire process takes place online using the servers at online convert. The process is overall quite slow and you only really get a few options for controlling the quality of the MP3 you receive. With a trim audio control you can cut out certain parts of the video as well but this is a simple control that involves watching the video first and logging the times to cut at.

3. Convert2mp3-Convert 2 mp3 is a browser extension that you can download for Opera, Firefox and chrome. This program allows you to insert a link or upload an mp4 video and then rip the audio in MP3 format. There isn’t much in the way of settings for the MP3 format that you get out of the extension but this can be a great and simple way that you can rip audio from some of your favorite downloaded movies or online videos.

How to convert video to mp3 online

Online Convert standard is one of the best online video converters for converting video to audio online. Part of the reason for this is its easy interface as well as the speed of conversion that’s available through the service. Anyone can easily upload a file or point out a URL where they would want audio ripped from a video. The service is widely used and trusted for occasional conversion needs.

Step 1: To get started with the conversion process simply copy over a url to the YouTube were streaming video that you would like to convert or upload a video in mp4 format to the server.

Step 2: After the upload is complete you can select the output format that will work best for your device and click the convert button.

You will be redirected to a screen where you will wait in a brief queue for the conversion process to take place. As you respond has been secured on the servers the conversion process will likely take just a few moments and you will be able to access the content to download it. After locating your download you will be able to listen to the MP3 file as well as use it for any type of editing project you had in mind. You can watch this tutorial video about Online convert below.

How to convert video to mp3 free

Another great option that you could use apart from an online editor is to use a free video conversion software. Here are some of the best pieces of software you can use for ripping mp3 audio from a video file:

Free video converters which are recommended:

1. Any video converter Free (Windows/Mac)-Any video converter free is a video converter that’s absolutely free to use for Windows and Mac and its also a program that’s recommended by millions of users. This is one of the very few audio ripping converters that will take audio way from 4K video as well as include 100+ inputs. This is virtually unheard of from a free online converter. The creators have also suggest that there is no malware, no spyware and zero ads in this freeware. This program also has the ability to queue up several files for conversion so you can walk away and have a wealth of MP3s ripped from video files.

2. Freemake video converter (Windows)-Freemake suggests that it has over 500 different formats and a user base of over 93 million. The problem with freemake is that it’s also recognized as being a very simple program. Although the program does feature mass compatibility the menus are not well thought out and the interface can get somewhat confusing. The process of converting videos is moderately fast once you master the menus and settings in the beginning this program can be a bit daunting to use.

How to convert video to mp3 free

We identified Any video converter as the best free converter. The process of converting videos using this software is extremely easy.

Step 1: Just involves uploading the video format

Step 2: Picking out the time in the video that you would like to rip audio and then picking out the ideal file conversion format that will work best for your needs.

All of this can take place off-line which adds to the speed as there is no need to wait for a queue for the conversion process.

The best video converter we would recommend:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

win Version mac Version

Wondershare video converter ultimate stand as one of the best video converters to convert files to mp3 format. Although the program does have a free trial it’s mostly recommended to activate the full license of the program. With hundreds of different file types available for ripping audio as well as advanced settings for monitoring the quality of the audio you can get out of this converter, the program delivered the best quality results overall.

Wondershare video converter ultimate also comes with a full editing suite so that you can use the audio that you rip in a variety of film projects. Editing videos to get just the right audio can also be done in a snap using Wondershare. Through the wealth of options and with the speed of the conversion process, this is an amazing file conversion tool that makes ripping audio very simple and quick.

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