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How to Compress Video Size?

Written by Christine Smith

If you have a video file that is too large for viewing on a mobile device or too large and too difficult to upload, reducing the file size could be beneficial to getting it placed on a streaming service are actually being able to edit the file with some degree of speed and ease. There are a number of ways to optimize various video files and reduce the overall video size without having to compromise the quality of your film too much. In this article we will detail some of the top methods that can be used for reducing video sizes.

Part 1: How to reduce video size online?

1. Online video compressor which are recommended

#1  Clipchamp


Clip champ is an online video converter that allows for quick compression on recorded WebCam videos, videos that are uploaded as well as video links. By uploading a clip or picking a link you can set the output quality and file type using this online method.

#2  Video grabber

Video grabber works to convert video, record screen video and convert videos online. The program itself allows for easy compression and resolution changes on videos. The interface is fairly simple and there is even a search function to see if a video that you are trying to download has recently been converted by someone else. This online method is fairly limited in the compression options that it offers.

2. How to reduce the video size online

We picked clipchamp as the ideal compression solution. With compression options built directly into the system, this online service is our top pick for reducing video sizes online. Here is the steps:

  • To get started you just need to pick a link, drag or upload a file from your computer. From there you will be prompted to pick a output file type as well as the resolution or size.
  • The compression options available on this are greater than many online services and you can end up with some very small files as a result.
  • After picking output options you will be taken to the compression queue and after getting your spot in line you will be able to download the completely compressed version of your video to a file path of your choice.

Part 2: How to reduce video for Windows/Mac?

1. Video compressor for Windows/Mac which are recommended

#1  Wondershare video converter ultimate

win Version mac Version

Wondershare video converter ultimate comes with hundreds of different file types available and the ability to convert 4k video and even higher resolutions. The matter how large the file type you have is or the video format that it’s in, Wondershare video converter ultimate delivers the best and fastest compression format for all of your file types. Through the editing suite and with all of the compression options this program remains the best paid converter on the market today.

#2 Any video converter Free (Free for Windows/Mac)


This free video converter has millions of users and is capable of converting 4K video into a lesser file format. This can be especially useful if you have ultra HD quality that you want to preserve or compress into a smaller file type. This program features the ability to queue up multiple videos and it’s relatively fast to use. It falls short however with its lack of editing abilities on videos.

2. How to reduce the video size

Wondershare video converter ultimate stands as the best video compressor for Windows and Macintosh. Even in its trial version it makes the process of video compression easy and very quick to carry out.

Step 1: Load the video file, simply pick out the files that you would like to convert and then line them up with your output options.


Step 2: Choose the output format for this file, after uploading and locating each of the files that you would like to convert, choose the output format and pick a path file where you would like them to be outputted to. From there you can also have the option to edit each of the videos by cropping or trimming the area of the video you would like to convert.


Step 3: Click on “Small size” from preset, after picking all these options together you can simply convert the files and pick small size out of your library in just a matter of a few minutes using the fast compression speeds on Wondershare video conversion ultimate.


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