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Divx Converter Review: Esay, fast, and feature-rich

Written by Christine Smith

Rating 3.5

Divx Converter is a platform designed by the Divx company for easy conversion of any H.264, HEVC and Divx videos into a mobile quality format. Through the program you can set the video resolution, file size, clips and bit rate of any kind of mobile footage and receive excellent quality on the mobile output. The download is available for free and it also works with any of your DVDs or Blu-ray films for backup and use.

Overall this platform is extremely effective for individuals that are looking for a quick and simple licensed software with advanced features for conversion.

Key features:

Divx converter comes with some of the basic tools that you need to convert videos for play on almost any device. With set file formats and resolution features you can dial in your ideal file settings for a variety of device profiles. This can take some time to perfect but once you find what works best on each device it’s nice to have the various profiles available.

The program even includes an encoding mode so that you can get videos converted quickly or maximize the films you have for the best possible quality. With a workflow queue available in the program you can also add multiple files for conversion and set your computer to handle the conversion process while you are away from your computer. This can offer great assistance for postproduction and for converting multiple files on the go.

Improved audio features also include the ability to convert and add eight audio tracks at once in popular audio formats. There’s also the ability to add subtitles to your converted videos.

Pros and cons:

The main advantage of using this program is that it’s absolutely free to download and install. It’s relatively easy to get a handle on and learn but many people say that the interface can be a little bit too simple and confusing.

This program does have some great features for saving and converting off-line video the only big problem that comes with it is that it doesn’t offer extended support for a number of different file types like some other converters. It also takes quite a lot of time to actually dial in what resolution and what format works best with each one of your devices.

Best Alternatives to DivX Converter

1. Wondershare video converter Ultimate

Wondershare video converter ultimate is one of the premiere programs that is available for converting video online. The license code is relatively inexpensive and it comes with this huge host of preset file formats which are perfect for use on mobile devices, laptops and more. With hundreds of different file formats as well as an in program editing suite, you can have access to almost unlimited possibilities for your video conversion.

win Version mac Version

Wondershare has easy to navigate menus, a faster conversion process, greater levels of compatibility as well as the ability to download and convert online videos with ease. With all of these extra features wondershare can greatly outpace a free converter like Divx converter.

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