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How to Convert YouTube Videos to Windows Movie Maker

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This guide is specifically created to lead individuals who are not internet geek or those who want to convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker for the first time. Nevertheless, prior to proceeding to the conversion process itself, it is vital to have a basic knowledge first about Windows Movie Maker.

What kind of Video and audio file can be used in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is just one of numerous tools that allow people to edit and customize raw media files. The best thing about this tool is that it can be used without paying any amount of money. Although it has been used by countless video lovers to edit videos, this tool still comes with restrictions particularly in terms of format compatibility.

The video and audio formats supported by Windows Movie Maker or the formats you can use to convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker tool. For videos, format includes asf, .wmv, .wm, mts, m2ts, .dvr-ms, .m2t, .wtv, .mov, .qt, .avi, .mp4, .mov, .3g2, .m4v, .3gp, .mpg,.k3g, .mpeg,.mpe, .mp2,.mlv, .mod,.mpv2,.vob, and .mlv. For audio, format includes asf, wma, wm, aif, wav, aiff, m4a, and mp3.

Take note that files using DRM cannot be used in the Movie Maker.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Windows Movie Maker Online

Converting YouTube videos can be possible done online with the help of reliable websites offering conversion service such as A huge number of websites allows users to convert their favorite YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker or to any format. The is easy to use and does not charge any fee for using their service. Meaning to say, you can convert your favorite file to supported formats without spending any penny.




The steps of conversion are pretty simple.

  1. Enter the URL of your chosen video, upload your own video, or select file from cloud storage
  2. Make changes is you wish in the optional setting
  3. Click on the “convert file” to start converting videos

Other Websites that can convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker

Aside from the, you can also consider three other dependable converters if you wish to convert files even without downloading software.

#1 ZamzarOffering different plans such as basic, Zamzar plans can convert huge files, includes personal inbox to store online file, and features faster conversions.

#2 OnlineVideoConverter-This can convert YouTube videos in numerous different formats, if you want superior quality conversions and faster downloads, you can choose their premium offer.

#3 Dan’s Tool-This converter can also help you convert YouTube Videos in a number of supported formats such as OGG, MP3, MP4, MPG, FLV and more.

How to Convert YouTube Video to Windows Movie Maker for free

VDownloader a software application that let users to download videos from leading websites such as YouTube, into the hard-drive. It allows users to watch the downloaded videos even without internet connection and avoid the annoying distractions like captions and advertisements. With its video download accelerator that works automatically, you can also say goodbye too buffering and queuing. It is packed with essential features, easy to use, free of charge (and viruses), and blazingly fast. It is a worthy choice.

How to Convert:

  1. You need to download, install and run the application first.
  2. Choose a video to be converted or paste video URL
  3. Choose the format you like
  4. You can now click the button that allows to start conversion.

Other Converters Free of Charge:

If you are looking for alternative to VDownloader to convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker, the following can be a good choice:

#1 Freemake Video Converter (Windows)-Its free! All you need to do is visit their website download, install and run their software. Afterward, copy the link of you YouTube video. You will see a “Paste URL”, click on that and the video will be downloaded automatically.

#2 Any Video Converter (Windows/Mac)-It support a wide range of device. Also allows users to extract and rip audio from videos and CDs and make video editing easier. This free video converter with various functions and very easy to use!

#3 aTube Catcher (Windows/Mac)-Apart from the ability to download and convert videos from numerous sites including YouTube to various formats in a fast and easy way, aTube Catcher cab also burn downloaded videos to VDC or DVD without the need for third party burning tools.Unfortunately, this only works for Mac that runs on the Windows PCs.

How to convert Youtube video to Windows Movie Maker in Chrome/Firefox/Safari

If you are looking for converter that can convert YouTube video to Windows Movie Maker and support major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, OnlineVideoConverter extensions is a great choice. It does not require registration, allows ease of use and installation, and is malware-free. To take advantage of what the extensions has to offer, simply visit their website and choose the extension compatible with your browser. Afterward, download, install and run the extension. You can now browse and choose YouTube videos to be converted. Start converting through clicking on the ‘Start’ button. A link will be provided where you can download the converted file.

    1. You need to enter the video URL or link first
    2. Choose the format you want
    3. Click on the ‘Start’ button
    4. A downloaded link for converted file will be sent

Other Extensions

If you are looking for an alternative to OnlineVideoConverter to convert YouTube Video to Windows Movie Maker, then here are the best probable options:

#1 Video Converter (chrome)-This free web application allows users to alter the video resolution, size or format. It can upload files up to 2Gb, generated high-performance conversion, supports h265/HVEC, and guarantee security.

#2 Media Converter (firefox)-This simple extension helps users to download YouTube videos and deliver it in the needed file format for the mobile device. It also supports various other websites other than YouTube. This is only with firefox.

#3 FLVTO YouTube Downloader Plugin (chrome/firefox/safari)-If you are looking for something that works for Chrome and Firefox, as well as safari, this plugin can be a good choice. Users admitted its very handy and offers fast conversion.

With the mentioned converters, you can now convert YouTube Video to Windows Movie Maker in a breeze! Choose which suit your standard, preference, budget, and match your device and browser.

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