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How to Convert YouTube Videos to iPod

Written by Christine Smith

Having your favorite podcasts, videos, and audio files from YouTube generated to an iPod ready format can simplify your day’s schedule for content browsing at your convenience. You can simply cache away the important content pieces on your iPod and watch or listen to them during your breaks, commutes or relaxing free time. Now you have many different options to convert your favorite YouTube videos to iPod formats. Here is a look at the major options available for this purpose.

Part 1: How to convert Youtube video to iPod free

Free YouTube download is a free tool for video conversion of video files captured from YouTube. The site requires you to download and install the converter on to your Windows or Mac device. The downloader is an adware, which sustains the free usage via sponsor advertisements. Therefore, your interface will feature third party app installations, sponsors ads and pop up toolbars. The downloader is incredibly fast allows for multi-stream downloading. This feature is very useful for users who like to download videos in bulk from YouTube channels or a complete playlist. The steps to using Free YouTube Download to convert YouTube videos to iPod compatible format:

  • Download the YouTube channels, playlists, and independent videos at your preference directly from within the app interface. The videos can be in MP4, MKV or MP3 format
  • You can generate the converted files to a typical number of output formats. For iPod compatibility you can convert the files to MP4, Avi or MP3
  • Import the converted file to iTunes to be downloaded down to your iPod,
  • You can also pause the download process at any time. The customization features allow you to name the output format, load web links from external .txt files on your device or even work via the option of a proxy server.


Part 2: How to convert Youtube video to iPod online

YouTube Download is an online conversion site that allows free conversion of YouTube videos to different formats. The specific YouTube to iPod converter can come handy for converting your YouTube video and audio files directly to iPod consumable formats. The process of converting files on the site is very easy.

  • You simply have to copy the YouTube video URL that you want converted and paste it in to the input box on the YouTube download site.
  • As soon as the input box recognizes the URL as a convertible file format it will give you a drop down menu of output formats to choose from. You can simply choose your favored output format (for iPod Mp3, MP4, or avi option) and start the conversion process.
  • Once the fie is ready you can simply download it from the link provided as the output result. You can transfer the output file on to your iPod directly from your PC.

The site is free to use, however, with a limit to the number of videos you can convert on the free version per day. You can also choose to pay for per day or per month package to convert and download unlimited videos on the site.

Part 3: How to convert Youtube video on Windows/Mac

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate takes the guesswork out of the video conversion process of the YouTube videos to iPod ready formats. The software allows you to actually convert and download any type of video file to an iPod ready format. The software also allows you to convert DVDs and full-length movies in to a referred format, in this case for iPods. You can get the software for both windows and Mac.

win Version mac Version
Here are the steps:
  1. Simply download the software and install it. Once installed double click n the software icon to launch the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to reach the main interface.
  2. The next step is to load the file, DVD, or movie in to the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. You can either drag or drop the file on to the interface r use the Add files button. You must use the Load DVD option if you are looking to convert a DVD to a different format.
  3. Since you want your output file to be compatible with your iPod, you need to customize your output file format option. Click on the Device option in the Output format menu and select Apple. Choose iPod from the drop down of available device formats.
  4. Specify the folder for saving the output files so that the generated file is automatically saved.
  5. Start the conversion process once all your preferences have been locked in. the conversion time will depend on the bulk and size of your input file.
  6. Once the conversion is complete, the generated file can be transferred on to your iPod.

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