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How to Convert Youtube Playlist to MP3

Written by Christine Smith

Youtube is considered as one of the most famous video service all over the world. There are lots of videos uploaded every day in which it is being offered with no standard way to download clips or music in bulk. However, there are some better ways you may find very helpful for you to convert Youtube playlist to mp3 that is 100% hassle-free and automatically no matter how many videos you want to convert. There are three effective ways to convert Youtube videos to Mp3 that can be performed as your computer solution, online solution and mobile solution.

Part 1: How to convert Youtube Playlist to MP3 on Computer

If you are looking for the best computer solution to convert Youtube playlist to mp3, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best option for you. It supports Youtube and will allow you to convert and download Youtube video videos easily.

Here are the steps to convert Youtube playlist to MP3:

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

It is the first step you need to perform in order for you to convert Youtube playlist to mp3. By simply clicking its icon, it will soon appear as your software. Now, you can launch it and convert any video you like and select it by default.

Step 2: Copy the playlist URL and click “Paste URL” on Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


Once you have already chosen the playlist videos that you want in Youtube, copy the URL of your playlist video and paste it to Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and select the MP3 format and get ready to download it.

Step 3: Download the entire Youtube playlist and convert it to MP3

To convert Youtube playlist to mp3, simply click the “ok” button to start downloading your file. Once you see that your file name exceeded the MP3 extension, it only means that your download has started. After it completes downloading, you can now enjoy and play your file.

Part 2: How to convert Youtube Playlist to MP3 online

1. Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3

Another great way for you to convert Youtube playlist to mp3  is through the use of the best online solution like Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3. If you wish to download your playlist, it is the best application for you.

Here are the best steps to follow to convert Youtube playlist to mp3 properly:

Step 1: Open the online site

Just visit the official site of the Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3. You can start using it for free and it would allow you to convert as many videos as you like.

Step 2: Enter your Youtube playlist URL

Once you are done looking for the playlist videos that you want to convert to mp3, copy the URL and paste it to the converter. Then, choose the mp3 format for you to start downloading it.

Step 3: Start downloading and convert it to MP3

After you complete the copying and pasting the URL, click “download”. You can do the same to other videos you like without having any trouble.

Part 3: How to convert Youtube Playlist to MP3 on Mobile Phone

1. TubeMate (Android/iOS)

Another way to convert Youtube playlist to mp3 is through the use of mobile solution such as TubeMate. It is one of the best app wherein you can download all your favorite Youtube videos directly on your own mobile phone. It is one of the easiest way to use and download videos that provides truly quality videos. Thus, it offers you varieties of resolutions that gives you an assurance that it is applicable to all kinds of devices.

To convert Youtube playlist to mp3, here are the simple steps you need to do:

Step 1: Install TubeMate

Download first the app for free on Play Store or on any online resources wherein you can find some free version of this app and there is no need for you to pay anything to use it. Right there, you will have a complete guide on your mobile phone on how to download it. All you have to do is tap the “download” option and wait to start the download process. Once you are done downloading it, it will ask you to install it, so click “yes” to start its installation process or you can go to its location, where you downloaded it and tap “install”.

Step 2:Open the APP and search the playlist you want to download

Now, you can visit the desired video in Youtube that you wanted to download. Once you find the playlist you want, you will find some application options at the bottom of video. In this process, scroll down to find the TubeMate app on the list. Once you find it, open your app and go ahead for the download process.

Step 3: Download and convert it to MP3

During its download process, it will show you that it is working and getting ready to prepare your video. Once your application is ready for download, it starts parsing some information to the video you want and starts the downloading process. You will just wait for a few minutes to complete the process. However, your downloading time may also vary depending on the speed of your internet.

With the use of these kinds of applications, you have the opportunity to convert Youtube playlist to mp3 successfully. There is no doubt that Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, Youtube Playlist Converter to MP3 and TubeMate are the best solutions you can us

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