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How To Convert Video To Audio

Written by Christine Smith

Perhaps you need to convert a video into audio for an editing project or you simply want to listen to a good show while on the road. No matter your reason converting video to audio can be a great idea but a pain to follow through. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to convert your video in a quick and painless fashion, four ways in fact and this article will show you how.

Part 1: How to convert video to audio for free

When looking up conversion systems you can find some systems that can do a lot of great things for you but for a price and usually a price that you can’t afford. But much to the relief of many, there are free downloadable systems online that will do the same job for no price. The top three software would be: Any Video Converter, Total Video Converter, and Freemake Video Converter .

These software are very easy to use, but probably the best one to use for its simple design and clean cut process would be Any Video Converter .




Converting a file on any video is a simple three step process;

Step 1: Click the add files button to add the file you want to use

Step 2: From the drop down list select the output you want to use

Step 3: Click convert now.

You will have pretty much the same process in the other two sites but any video will have the better outcome. Do keep in mind the any video is compatible with both Windows and Mac, effect matrix is compatible with both and free made is available only to Windows.


Part 2: How to convert video to audio online

For many, downloading systems, especially when its free, just doesn’t sit right with them and they may fear malware hiding within the systems. Protecting your computer is a priority and taking risk with downloading a free system may not be an option, that is totally understandable. But you can still save your money while converting your videos to audio by utilizing what is offered online. The top three sites for online video conversion would be:

clipconverter, onlinevideoconverter, convert2mp3

The best choice for video to audio conversion out of the three would have to be clipconverter




With clip converter you are given multiple formats to choose from, including audio, and can easily download with no issue. To use the site all just follow these steps.

Step 1: Attach a chosen file or copy the URL of the video you have chosen

Step 2: Paste it onto the white box presented on the front page

Step 3: Click the audio format option and what kind of quality you would like

Step 4: Click the Start button.

Within minutes you will have your very audio file download.

Part 3: How to convert video to audio on iPhone/Android

As technology grows we are no longer confined to our computers to get the job done. Did you know you could convert and video file to audio while standing in line at the ATM? Well, you can with these converter apps:

Videoder which works for both Android and Android, Mp3 Video Converter which works with Windows and MyMp3 which works with iPhone.

Using these apps can be a very easy process, probably the best app to start with would be Videoder.


All you need to do is:

Step 1: Search for the youtube video you wish to use

Step 2: Choose the audio format

Step 3: Click convert

Within seconds you have your own mp3 download of your favorite video. Its very easy to use and best of all its free.

Part 4: Best Video to audio converter

win Version mac Version

All sites previously mentioned in this article is free, written with the understanding that not everyone has the cash to spend on a simple video converter. But there is one system that is worth paying for and that would be Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. With its conversion speed being thirty times faster than most, the ability to convert to any format, ability to stream media to your television, and the one-click download option, Wondershare is able to give you way more than most sites are able to do. This system is as if we gathered all the previous sites we mentioned before and put them into one big converting machine. Take the time to look around the website at and see if this system is best for you.

No matter your reason to convert a video into audio, you deserve a service that can get the job done and give you a product of high quality. The best services are out there to make your life easier and now you know exactly where to look.


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