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How to Convert Specific Parts of YouTube Videos

Written by Christine Smith

Downloading video from YouTube is very easy. Almost every internet user can do so. However, there are problems that arise when you only need to download and/convert a specific part of videos. Usually, you need to download full video and then you can just edit the specific part of it that you want. With that, you will need a site that allows you to download and edit video.

How to convert Specific parts of Youtube video online

When it comes to downloading and converting media, Clip Converter is the most popular site. With this, you can download and convert specific parts of YouTube video on any kind of video URL. As of now, the supported service of Clip Converter is Vimeo, YouTube, and other. This fast and free converter allows the user to watch their favorite movie thru offline on TV, Pc, or other devices.

The following are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is visit the ClipConverter
  2. You can paste the URL video
  3. Select your desire quality of video
  4. Choose for the format
  5. After that, you can uncheck the Start of Video button
  6. You can un-check the “End of Video” if you do not want video till the end
  7. Finally, you can click the start button




Aside from Clip converter, there are other sites that allow you to convert specific parts of YouTube video and that include OnlineVideoConverter, Youtubetime and Online video cutter. There have likely similar features with clip converter and these are great when it comes to downloading a specific part of video. You will definitely love these two conversion tools because it offers high-speed conversions, you are not required to register, offers a wide array of an online video portal supports, and is fully compatible with any kind of modern browsers.

How to convert specific parts of YouTube video on Windows/Mac

Converting of specific parts in YouTube Videos on Mac or Windows is an easy task. However, it is important that you must have an online conversion tool that can still provide high quality result. With that kind of task, WonderShare Video Converter Ultimate is the most recommended converter to convert specific parts of YouTube video.


win Version mac Version


With the 4k UHD Support, Flawless DVD Experience, Converting videos 30x faster than any other converter, converting files into virtually in any kind of format, and the once-click conversion and downloading, this converter have it all. This is more than a converter. It can also enhance, edit, capture, organize, burn, and download movies for almost 150 formats.

To know more about on how to download or convert specific parts of YouTube video, here are the following easy steps that you must follow:

  • Launch the Wonder share Video Converter Ultimate
  • Select the download button. The tab list is arranged on the top of site. Click the switch.
  • Click on the “Add URL” button
  • You need to paste the desired URL and must specify the output folder in order to identify the destination folder of video when it is already downloaded.




  • Aside from output format, you can specify the output format in order to complete the downloading.
  • Lastly, you can start to download YouTube videos.



Once the downloading is already complete, that is the time that you must rim the video. In other words, you can cut a part of video.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate allows the internet user to trim videos and/or convert specific parts of YouTube video in easy way with a quite intervention.

To know more about its procedure, here are the following:

  • Launch the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
  • Put the video that you desire to trim. Loading of video files in Wonder share is easy because you can just drag the files.
  • You must choose the “Edit” option when you will start to edit. This is important in order to open for a new editing of window.


  • Select the “Trim” button


  • For editing windows, you must choose the TRIM Button. With this, you are able to modify the start time as well as the end time accordingly.
  • Identify what output format you want
  • If you are already finished on trimming the video, you can click the “OK” tab in order to save the entire changes. You can choose the output format button to trim the video from right pane.
  • You should also set the output folder
  • If you desire to save the trim video in particular destination, then you can specify the folder where you want to save the video by clicking of Output Folder button.
  • Finally, you can start the converting resultant

Wondershare ultimate conversion is not the only great choice when you want to convert specific parts of YouTube video. A number of converters that functions similar to how Wondershare does are accessible online. Based on internet users choice, the Video Cutter & Converter (free for Windows), Any Video Converter (Windows/Mac), and Aiseesoft Video Converter (Windows/Mac) are the sites that are usually recommended by people. Its features are almost the same with Wondershare wherein they have the ability to enhance the quality of video and allow users to remove the noise of videos. In addition, you can also flip and rotate the video file spontaneously.

Aside from that, it can convert a homemade videos and DVD into 2D as well as 3D format. It also allows downloading of online videos in computer for a playback. If you are going to edit the video that you have downloaded, those aforementioned sites are providing powerful video editing features and  ability to extract of audio track from DVD or videos. Those mentioned converters are worth a try if you wish to convert specific parts of YouTube video.

Nowadays, downloading of YouTube videos is just so easy. With just a few click and pasting of URL, you are able to copy the video that you want and watch it even though you do not have an internet connection.

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