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The Reviews for Any Video Converter Ultimate

Written by Christine Smith

Video conversion is the need of the hour due to so many devices accepting multiple types of file formats exclusively, to ensure that your content is shareable over your multiple device platforms., you need a versatile video converter tool to get cross platform compatible formats. The market is teeming with many such video converters claiming a lot. However, very few offer the extensive conversion and format range as offered by the Any Video Converter Ultimate (AVC Ultimate) tool. It offers DVD, CD and video conversion for over 200 formats for various types of devices. The tool allows you to burn converted DVD files on to new discs to create new DVD copies. You can also enhance and edit using cut, merge, trim, crop, and special effects. It allows users to convert and download videos and audios from YouTube and over 100 other popular video content sites. Here is an in-depth look at the user protocols and essential pros and cons of the product – Any Video Converter Ultimate.


How to use

You can use the tool according to your preference to convert any type of video or audio content from online video sites. You can also convert DVD files to different formats and create new DVD rips by burning the converted files on to new DVDs.

How to convert video

The tool allows you to convert videos from online and offline video sources.

  • Start by clicking the “Add Videos” button in the tool’s interface to add files from the online or offline sources that you want to convert to a different format.
  • Choose the file output format that best suits your preferences. You will get a drop down menu with all available options to make the correct choice.
  • Click on the “Convert Now” button to start the video conversion process.

How to burn DVD



Bringing a DVD movie on to soft copy formats or creating a DVD collection from existing movies and videos collected from online resources, the Any Video Converter Ultimate tool helps in both scenarios. You can use the same process for DVD rips regardless of the input source of the video content.

  • Go to the AVC ultimate interface and click on the “Add DVD button to add the source DVD, DVD folder or any ISO file format.
  • Make a choice of the correct Output format from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the “Convert now” button to jumpstart the conversion process.

Pros and Cons

The Any Video Converter Ultimate tool has had a great user response. The interface is easy to navigate. The tool does not intrude too much to force users to switch to the pro version. It also offers many formats for conversions or a lot of device compatibility. However, most recently some users have found the tool comes with some junk or extraneous software extensions installed with the main software package.

Best alternative to Any Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


win Version mac Version


As an alternative to the AVC Ultimate, you can instead opt for the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for your conversion preferences. The tool is extremely advanced with a conversion, editing and enhancement options all rolled into the same interface. The tool can organize and convert video and audio files to over 150 formats.

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate provides a minimum of 30X more seed than any average video converter tool available in the market. The tool comes with inbuilt codecs that allow it support more than 150 formats of output file generation. The tool is constantly being upgraded with new formats becoming a part of the upgraded versions as and when they are becoming popular for particular device platforms. Currently the 4K and the VR video formats have been added to the existing output format options within the interface.

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has an in-built Wi-Fi to directly stream video content from a PC directly on to a Smart TV. You can also transfer converted files to different device platforms without using a USB cable. The converter also offers a better balance ratio between file size and high definition resolution of the video content. The tool comes equipped with the HEVC and the new generation H.265 video compression standard.

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