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Customized Alternatives to Movavi Video Converter

Written by Christine Smith

Movavi has been rated as one of the fastest and best video converter software packages. The program does offer speed, compatibility with all operating systems, and personalization of settings that makes routine file conversions faster. The program handles audio, images, video, and DVD. The quality of the converted product is considered superior.

The downside of Movavi is that is does not allow the use of videos from YouTube or Vimeo. There is no capability for DVD burning of any original file or converted file.

A side by side comparison of the Movavi Video Converter and Movavi Video Converter alternative using the same programmed criteria can be found here.

Part 1: YouTube converting Movavi Video Converter alternative

A video converter that addresses the major failing of the Movavi Video Converter can be used online or downloaded to any Windows or Mac device.

1. Online Movavi Video Converter alternatives for YouTube video

1) ClipConverter


This is a free Movavi Video Converter alternative. The program can convert any file to and from a YouTube or Vimeo format. The program can be added to any browser for fast access. The idea is to use “fair use” only files that may limit business use. The company makes no guarantee of the service and all files are stored in the cloud only.

2) OnlineVideoConvert


The video converter can convert any file in any format from all of the most popular social media platforms. It produces a high quality result. Download speed is file size dependent. This will not work with iOS. The file originator can ban downloads of their property.

3) Convert2mp3


It is free. Basically designed to convert music and video files to MP3 and MP4 formats but can do others. Clearly states legality of service. It has add-ons for music and artists search as well as browser button. The video converter will not convert to any format.

4) Mp3Fiber


Free. Converts files in MP3 format only. No limit conversion policy. Site has many ads. Number of ads may indicate the owner’s interests.

2. Mac and Windows Movavi Video Converter alternatives for YouTube video

1) Freemake Video Converter


The free video converter converts any video in any format to any other format. It is highly rated in the most read computer magazines. The system is two different programs requiring separate downloads to get the converter and the download function. Site asks for donations. Only works with Windows.

2) Any video converter Free


System is designed for Mac but works with Windows. Basic video converter is free and handles all file formats at high speed. Added functions for Mac and Windows have to be paid for.

3) DivX Converter


Free download works with Mac and Windows. Free version is customizable for any device and allows direct streaming. User can make favorite playlists. User has to pay for upgrades that enhance performance and eliminate ads.

4) YTD


The video converter is for Windows only and works on any Windows device. Downloads are limited to 50 preselected sites. User can watch downloads immediately. System has very frequent and useful upgrades. Full system is not free.

Part 2: Movavi Video Converter alternatives for more formats supproted

1. Online versions

1) KeepVid


KeepVid downloads and converts video and audio from 50,000 sites. The newest addition is Facebook video. The video converter can be tried for free but you have to buy it for constant use. This is a very webmaster friendly design with useful add-ons. User must have an account to use.

2) VideoGrabby


This downloads YouTube and can convert YouTube to MP3. No other formats are available. It is very fast even for large files. Program is free, simple to use, cloud based, and has no search capability. Site does make popular recommendations.

3) Convert.files


Video converter will convert all known formats to any format. System has extensive list of file types and originators. No indication of any fees. Site sets off Chrome virus alert.

2. Windows and Mac Versions

1) Free MP4 Video Converter


This is a free video converter that will convert MP4 to any other video format. User can download torrent videos, VEVO, an entire YouTube channel, and playlists. It has Easy to understand control panel. Has some known problems handling Quicktime.

2) Free Studio


This is a really complete free package. The program allows editing, converting, upload scheduling, and recording. The system is social media format specific. Downside is that each individual part of the system is a separate download. System works for Windows devices only.

3) Leawo Video Converter


This video converter does 2D to 3D conversions and HD conversions from any other video format. It also does conversions between any other formats. The trail version is free. The version with all the bells and whistles is $30. It was designed for Mac but works well with Windows. Program design is phone first.

4) Total Video Converter


This is a really professional video converter. One of the featured benefits is the conversion of videos to PS3 and PS4 formats. User can watch and download at the same time. User must have a license and buy the program to get the 3D and HD capability.

Part 3: Best Alternative to Movavi Video Converter

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is technically the most advanced Movavi Video Converter alternative. The system will convert any format to any other format at speeds that match or exceed Movavi. There are no operating system or device constraints.

win Version mac Version

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate converts any video format to virtual reality format, converts video to PS3 and PS4 formats, can stream directly to television or phone, and allows direct storage to DVD or USB. The system allows Wi-Fi transfer of converted files. It also does 2D to 3D conversions.

The system has full encryption, no ads, and is guaranteed to be useful when the next video format is developed due to the upgrade guarantee.

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