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Ummy video downloader review

Written by Liza Brown

Ummy video downloader is a fairly simple and very practical video downloader that makes it simple to download videos from YouTube as well as a variety of streaming services. The nice part about this downloader is that it’s fairly easy to create a download list of automatic YouTube video downloads. You can just pick up the videos that you want and then create a big queue of videos that will download on wifi so that you can have access to them later.

In order to use the program all you need to do is paste the URL of the video you would like to save and it will be added to the download list. Videos are saved in MP4 format and you can also save audio files in mp3 format from videos too.

Although the program does only download a single video it once a queue can be created to download a few videos in rapid succession. This can add to the convenience of the program but it doesn’t make it quite a strong when compared to some other video providers that can download multiple files at the same time.ummy

What users are commenting about the software:

Most users that try out Ummy for the first time love how simple it is to use. The ability to just paste a link from YouTube into the program and have it automatically download the audio or video to a predetermined file output is extremely rewarding. The download list is also a favorite amongst many users because they can create a big list of files that they are interested in downloading and then simply let the program finish up.

It works fairly well for an audio extractor and it comes with a clipboard monitoring features so that you don’t copy over the same videos. You also get a preview image from the movie you are about to download to make sure the link you copy is the right one.

Really the only major drawback with this according to users is the file format restrictions. As well as the ability to only download one file at a time.

How do you download videos with Ummy?

To start, open up the program and paste the link. After pasting the link you will be given an option for output file sizes in mp4 and mp3. Paste the link and the download will begin. You can back out and paste several links at once using the same action to have the files download to the directory. By visiting the library directory of output files you can watch any of the off-line videos at any time or potentially transfer them to a mobile device.

The best alternative to Ummy video downloader:

Ummy is a great program but there are some better alternatives out there. Wondershare video converter ultimate is an excellent example of a program that comes with more features as well as greater output file types.

Through Wondershare video converter ultimate you can get access to the ability to download multiple youtube videos at once, a full editing suite for cutting and trimming your clips as well as the ability to convert any of your downloaded files into any file format that is most compatible with your devices.

The process is as simple as downloading the program, pasting a link or multiple links, selecting from the hundreds of output files and then having access to all of these YouTube clips that you have selected for use offline.

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