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How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch Offline on Android or iOS

Written by Liza Brown

When it comes to watching Amazon prime videos offline there are certainly a few options which are available to Amazon prime members. Amazon prime has some the world’s greatest titles for video and movie content as well as a number of planned series such as the grand tour which will be Amazon original series. Rather than wasting your bandwidth you could consider downloading entire Amazon videos through the Amazon video app to your device.

Unlike some other streaming services like Netflix or crave TV, there has never been a way to save videos off-line for simple viewing. With the Amazon video app you can easily download videos for saving off-line and for saving bandwidth and this is one of the first streaming subscription services to offer this convenience.

How to download Amazon prime videos to iOS:

Any paying subscriber can utilize the Amazon video app to download video quite quickly. The first step to actually getting the availability to download is to first get the app and then secondly sign into your Amazon account. Make sure that you have your Amazon prime subscription up to date and you can easily download the app and set up the video quality.

Choosing good or better will give you a great picture that won’t consume too much storage on iOS. Pick out the show or movie that you would like to download and then see if you can find an Amazon prime video that has a download support button. Only certain titles of the library will be available for download and off-line play but it is in the majority right now.

Click the download button to start downloading the movie directly to your apple device. Amazon has included a file manager and download manager to allow you to pause or cancel a series of TV shows or movies that you are downloading if you want to go off your Wi-Fi connection or save data. You can queue up several different episodes or films to download at once as well!prime2

How to download Amazon prime videos to android:

If you have a phone with the android operating system you can consider installing the Amazon video application which is a little bit different. The app must be downloaded from the Amazon app store as it can’t be found in the Google play store. After finding the app in the amazon app store you can sign into your account and pick out the ideal quality of download you would like for your android device. As you Install the app you will be directed to the video quality screen. Through the video quality screen you can then pick between good or better quality for your download to save on space while maintaining an excellent picture.

Search the title you are interested in and figure out if the Amazon prime library will support the title for download. The app has a download manager in the program that will help you to line up multiple episodes or films or so that you can have new content constantly downloaded to your device. You can also pause the downloads for easy bandwidth

Keep some of these methods in mind for downloading Amazon prime video to your devices.

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