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Ghosts have been sighted for many years in public places and even in homes. Many people always question the appearance of ghosts as it is so easy to alter a video or a photo, but the question remains: are we alone in this world or do we have an opening for spirits to enter? Here are top 20 of the best clips that feature evidence of real ghosts on YouTube.

Top 20 Ghost sightings 2015

This compilation features a few clips where real ghosts have been caught on camera. It has over 2.8 million views and the setup of this video is great. It encircles the area where the possible ghost might be spotted. This slow motion countdown is bound to get you nervous!

Top 5 Ghost videos

This short clip features the top 5 ghost videos online. It has over 22 million viewers and it shows a series of five different sightings of ghosts in numerous places. The user also provided a nifty description of each sighting with a little backstory, including the ghost in the school and screaming on a haunted road.

5 Very Chilling Videos of Ghosts Caught on Camera

This compilation shows how ghosts are caught on CCTV camera. This makes it extra spooky because no one is involved in botching the footage. It has almost 17 million views and features some famous sightings like The Wingate Hotel Ghost.

Top 5 Scary Ghost Videos Caught on tape

With almost 2.5 million views, this clip is a compilation that will make your teeth shudder. It includes horrific evidence of people finding ghosts in their rooms as well as a clip of a possession that will make you look away.

Real Ghost Caught Following Girl

Almost 5 million views and people still can’t figure it out. This clip shows a girl that looks like she is being followed by a ghost. It might be fake, but we’d let you decide for yourself.

Top 20 Ghost sightings 2015

This compilation brings you the best ghost sightings of 2015. With over 6 million views, you can see just how lucky people got by filming at a specific place, at a specific time. It also includes awesome intros to each ghost sighting.

Ghost Caught on Tape 2014

This video has received over 5.5 million views and it shows something incredibly freaky. The clip tells the story of how strange things happen in a house and it is finally captured when the owner decides to film it one evening. Incredibly freaky footage!

Top 5 Scary Ghost Attacks Caught on Tape

Ghosts have been known to be aggressive and they often attack humans. This clip with over 1.8 million views show a compilation of the scariest ghost attacks caught on film.

Top 10 Most Scary Ghost Footage Caught on Camera

With almost 1.7 million views, this is a compilation not for the faint hearted. It throws you into the deep end of scary ghost sightings and you just have to hold on to your seat. It even features a ghost resembling the girl from The Ring.

Real Ghosts Caught on Tape 2016

This is a collaboration that gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not they are fake. It features a series of 5 ghost sightings and it has received over 1.4 million views. There is a warning at the beginning, so watch at your own risk.

10 Real Ghosts Caught on Camera

With over 1.4 million views this compilation shows you that ghost sightings can occur anywhere. It includes ghosts filmed all over like in wells, at Adam Bridge, and in cricket stadiums.

10 Real Ghost videos caught on CCTV camera

If you have ever seen something move or felt like you are not alone in a room, then this compilation might make you think a bit. With over 1.4 million views it shows a selection of the best ghost sightings on CCTV camera and it features interviews with the people involved.

Top 20 Ghost Videos 2016

This compilation takes your breath away as you start watching it. With over 1 million views it features the best ghost sightings of 2016 and it is mega creepy. The user circles the activity so that it is easier to see.

Real Ghost Caught on tape 2016

This clip features the story of a young man that died after a car crash, but before reaching the hospital he saw a strange shadow. With over 950,000 views, this clip explores what might be that shadow, and it features slow motion playback for better viewing.

Top 7 Ghost Videos

This compilation features 7 of the best ghost videos caught on camera. It is a short clip that makes for the perfect scare with long-lasting effects. It has over 652,000 views and features ghosts in different places.

Top 5 disturbing real ghost videos caught on tape 2016

A proudly American production, this video brings you 5 of the most disturbing ghost sightings in America. With over 1.5 million views it is quite popular, but it is warned that viewer discretion is advised as it is quite violent.

Top 6 Ghost Videos

With over 4.4 million views, this clip shows how everyday people walk amongst ghosts without even noticing it. The footage is very slow and the paranormal activity is encircled in red for better viewing purposes.

Top 10 real ghost sightings caught on camera

This compilation shows how ordinary places like car parks and living rooms can be infested with ghosts. Strange things happen without any explanation. This clip has received over 1.4 views and is bound to make you question your own house.

Fantasmas Real

Top 10 chilling videos of ghosts caught on CCTV Cameras 2016

With over 1.4 million views, this is the ultimate compilation of ghosts caught on CCTV camera. Watch how strange things occur to people who are on their own in parking lots, driveways and in their very own bedrooms.

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