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Top 10 Funny Dog Videos on YouTube of All Times

Written by Gloria

A simple search for “funny dog videos” on YouTube will reveal a plethora of dogs videos uploaded on YouTube. But when you filter the results using views, you will have a list of the top funny dog videos on YouTube. That is how we obtained the list of the funny dog videos below. Apparently, the dog niche has millions of followers and this explains the insane number of views the videos are getting. The average views of these videos range between 80 – 90 million and most of them have been liked over 100, 000 times.
Below is a detailed description of each of the top ten funny dog videos on YouTube:

1. Ultimate Dot Tease

The Ultimate Dog Tease Video was uploaded by the Talking Animal channel on the 1st of May 2011. The video has been watched for over 182,705,000 times, liked over 802, 950 times and disliked over 17,000 times. The video is about the owner of a dog teasing its dog with enticing meals he got from the fridge and how he could not give them to the dog. Most of the videos in this channel are primarily about talking animals and their reactions to their owners.

2. Dogs just don’t want to bath

This is a funny dog bathing compilation showing the reactions of dogs that don’t want to bath, their reactions when being bathed and after getting the bath. The video was uploaded by Tiger Productions channel and it has a total of 101, 184, 203 views, 259, 109 and 36, 274 likes and dislikes respectively. Most of the videos uploaded to this channel are funny animal videos featuring dogs, cats, birds and much more.

3. Animals Can be Jerks – Best Funny Compilations

This is a funny compilation of some of the hilarious and strange things that animals can do. It includes lots of funny dog videos and other animals featuring some of the dirty things they can do such as removing a chair when someone is just about sit down, thus making them fall on their butts. The video was uploaded by FRIKK on the 11th of March, 2013 and has gained 86, 580, 309 views, 259, 757 likes and 17, 322 dislikes.

4. Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies

The Cute Dogs and Adorable Babies video is a compilation of dogs playing and doing funny things with cute babies. The Video was uploaded by Kyoot Animals on 12th of March 2014 and has a total of 76,448, 390 views, 91,000 likes and 17,400 dislikes. The other videos in the channel are all about different kinds of animals doing funny stuff with babies. The animals include cats, dogs, rodents, birds, Kangaroos and many others.

5. Cute Cats Feel Guilty

The video is not a funny dog video, but rather a compilation of cute cats feeling guilty. In the video, the cats are caught on the act doing bad things by the owners and they put on funny and cute looks on their faces. This is another video uploaded by Tiger Productions on 13th of October 2013. It has a total of 47, 795, 069 views, over 131, 000 and 13,000 likes and dislikes respectively.

6. Animals Making Funny Sounds and Noises

Animal making funny sounds and noises is another funny dog video uploaded by Tiger Productions on 10th of October 2013. The video is about dogs and cats making all sorts of funny videos while doing different things or when with their owners. The video has gained a total of 41, 719, 234 views, 9,451 dislikes and over 135,000 likes.

7. Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time

If you want to see the reaction of cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time, then you need to watch this video uploaded by Tiger Productions. The video was uploaded on the 15th of Match 2014 and has gained over 40 million views, 91,000 likes and 7,000 dislikes. The other videos available on the channel are about all kinds of compilation of animals, lego tutorials and lego videos.

8. Top Funny Cats and Dogs Dancing

This is one of the funny dog videos you will love even if you have never loved a dog your entire life. It is a compilation of funny cats and dogs dancing to all manner of music and sounds. The video was uploaded by Mukhlas Rivership channel on the 18th of January 2016 and has been watched over 42 million times, liked over 174,000 times and disliked over 17,000 times. The channel is all about funny dogs and cats and cute babies compilations.

9. The World’s Most Funny Dog Video

The world’s most funny dog video is one of the most funny dog videos you will ever watch on YouTube. The video is about dogs doing very funny things when alone, with the owners or with children. The video was uploaded by 521bioapple channel on the 2nd of October 2008 and has been viewed 34, 295, 583 times, liked over 32,000 times and disliked over 3, 000 times.

10. Two Dogs Dining

The Two Dogs Dining completes our list of top ten funny dog videos on YouTube. In the video, two dogs are seen to be dining in a restaurant and behaving just like normal human beings. The video was uploaded by Kristian Septimius Krogh on 23rd January 2011. The video has gained a total of 30, 610, 824 views and has been liked and disliked 166, 910 and 7,769 times respectively. The other videos uploaded by the owner also feature dogs dining in restaurants.


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