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Animals do the most hilarious things and they truly are species of their own nature. Luckily the folks who uploaded these video clips had a camera handy to record the animals when they are up to their tricks. Here are the top 20 funniest animal fails compilations on YouTube for 2016.

Try not to laugh – Animal Compilation Part 5

This clip has almost 7.5 million views and it shows some pretty funny animal clips. Here you can see how hilarious animal behaviour is when they are caught in weird social situations. Prepare yourself for moments of raucous laughter and moments of absolute sweetness that will make you go AWWW.

Funny Animal Fails 2016

FailArmy produces the best channel for watching fails done by humans. This compilation shows how animals fail when their humans want them to do something – from waiting for a treat to riding horses in the forest. It makes for hilarious content.

Funniest Animal Fail Compilations

Humans aren’t the only ones that fail and you’ll know that if you have a pet! Even though we feel sorry for them, we also have to laugh. This clip of almost 15 million features some of the most hilarious pets throughout the world that just fail really hard at some tasks.

Funniest Animal Fail Compilations 2015

Similar to the compilation of 2016, this clip brings you a dose of how animals failed in 2015. With over 8.1 million views, you can look forward to tons of moments where you cry with laughter. If the pugs in the beginning don’t hook you, then nothing will.

Try Not To Laugh – Funny Animal Compilations part 4

This compilation has received over 7.2 million views and it features some of the best short clips on how funny animals can be. Watch a wide range of animals fail, from monkeys to domestic pets such as cats and dogs.

Animals never fail to make us laugh

This is a clip combines the Try Not To Laugh Challenge with the fails of animals. It has received over 15.2 million views and showcases some of the funny quirks that animals have. Look forward to funny cat fails and dogs feeling guilty after doing something naughty.

Best Animal Fails 2016

This compilation received over 2.8 million hits and features some of the best animal fail clips from April 2016. Watch how pets fail with their owners involved, or simply fail when playing with other animals.

Try not to laugh – funny animals fail compilation Part 3

Another short clip compilation from Vines Motion that brings you the best in animal fails, with over 2.6 million views. Some of them even feature animals as reaction memes which are extremely relatable and all the funnier!

Try not to laugh – funny animals fail compilation Part 7

Another short submission from Vine Videos with almost 1 million views. This clip shows how smaller animals fail and how innocent pets actually can be when they try something new. This is why we love them!

Funniest Animal Fails of 2016 Weekly Compilation

Sporting more than 800,000 views this weekly compilation brings you the best of amateur film makers whilst recording the fails of their pets. Look out for ridiculous animal clothes, cat jump fails, and even deer fights.

Try not to laugh – funny animals fail compilation part 12

With 933,000 views this compilation of animal fails are absolutely hilarious. See how the latest fails are recorded and uploaded by Vines Motion. This contribution even includes wild animals, so it is extra exciting!

Try not to laugh – funny animals fail compilation part 9

Almost 300,000 views show that this clip might not have been as successful as its predecessors but it is definitely still hilarious. The hamster in this clip definitely steals the show for us!

Funny Animal Fails 2016

With almost 270,000 views, this clip shows the best animal fails of 2016 so far. It should be said that some commenters found this compilation to be a bit offensive, so steer clear if you’re a sensitive viewer.

Best Animal Fails of October 2016

With October drawing to a close, The Best Fails created this compilation of their favourite submissions of the month. With over 206,000 views it showcases the antics of cats in closets and poolside adventures of pets.

Try not to laugh – funny animals compilation part 6

This clip boasts with more than 1.5 million views, and it has to be because of the dog in the beginning. It features the fails of animals throughout the year, including the Maltese Poodle with broccoli in its mouth when the video starts. Too cute for words!

Funny Animal Fails 2015

More than 1.1 million views are attributed to this clip and with good reason. It features a whole lot of animal fails when owners try getting them to do tricks! It makes for a really good laugh.

Funny animals – fail compilation

With more than 2.1 million views, this is one of the most successful animal fail videos on YouTube. It features a wide range of animals doing dastardly things, especially a monkey that is particularly bad behaved.

Funny animals compilation

With almost half a million views, it would seem that these owners got lucky. Watch how animals do the craziest stuff whilst their owners are recording it. It is a once in a lifetime deal, because we’re pretty sure these animals won’t be doing it again.

Funny animal fail vines compilation 2016

With almost 160,000 views this is a perfect clip for if you’re in the mood for a quick laugh. It provides you with a bunch of vines that showcase the antics of animals everywhere. They’ve even recorded Mr Turtle doing hilarious stuff!

Funny Animal Compilation 2016

Over 455,000 views and it still doesn’t get old! This is the perfect clip if you have time on your hands or want to cheer someone up. Even though all these animals are hilarious, the two chameleons playing models definitely steal the show for us.

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