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Top 13 funniest videos on Youtube of All time (2016)

Written by Gloria

There is no doubt to say that Videos are best source of entertainment and when they are cartoon videos then craziness touches its peak. Here we are talking about some of the best funny videos that are available on YouTube and are most loved by viewers throughout the world. You can easily get these videos online by simply typing “Funny Videos 2016” on YouTube and then filter your results as per view count. Even if you are sad or disappointed due to any unwanted situation of life and need a break from everything, we suggest you to go online and spend some time with these funny videos; within few minutes your mood will swing to a better state and laughter will catch its peak.

Here is the list and some basic details about these videos:

Try not to laugh or Grin watching this

Animals are always famous to do lots of funny activities but when you are able to view them all together on screen then definitely it will become difficult to stop your laughter. This latest Funny video has created wonders on YouTube and even within very less time the viewers count has raised up to 58,148,932 and the likes, shares and comments is increasing day by day. In this video you can find little cute animals doing lots of crazy things in house, garden or on road; the loving fights, crazy moves and the way they surprise people around them by doing unbelievable things everything is well captured in form of this video that clubs so many incidents at one platform.

Top Funny Dog Cat duo dancing and singing

This video is posted by Mukhlas Rivership on Jan 18, 2016 and it has all that fun you might be looking for. Dogs and Cats are always the loving pets but this video describes their actual craziness when those little creatures dance and sing in their own style. This video has been viewed by 40,510,751 people from different corners till now within few months.

Stupid people doing stupid things

There is no limit over fun and entertainment; it is well described by this short video posted by Stupid Jokes creators on YouTube on 7th September, 2015. There are lots of interesting things clubbed together that people are doing in a funny way in this video; the craziness has no end and it can be well visualised here when people do stupid acts on road, accelerators or at home. Somewhere animals are eating vegetables, people are driving surprisingly on roads, accidents are also presented in very funny way and these stupid things are clubbed from different corners of world showing that fun can happen anytime, anywhere.

Try not to laugh: Funny Videos

Even if you try to stop yourself from laughing by all means then also some people in this world have skills to bring that feeling of laughter to the peak in your life. Some small crazy moments are clubbed together in this funny video and those who take challenge not to laugh will definitely stop taking challenges ahead in their life. This video is posted on YouTube by Twister Nederland and is viewed by more than 35,249,106 people till now. Some people in this video have made accidental cases also a matter of fun and on risk of their life they have created a collection of some extremely funny moments for all.

Funny Kid Fails

Kids can make anyone laugh with their sweet nature but what if a lot of such funny moments are clubbed together on your screen and you are free to watch them for hours. Same thing happens here with this video where kids fail to do something and still they are making efforts to get it done. These little cute ones are able to make your day and viewers are thankful to Fail Army video creators for clubbing such an amazing stuff on screen about lovely kids. It was posted on YouTube on 9th Feb, 2016 and within this short duration this video has been viewed by 30,238,414 people.

Funny Videos on Vines: don’t take challenge for laughter

When some people can make you laugh with their magical skills then definitely it is not good to mess with them by taking a challenge. This thing is well understood by viewers after watching this crazy video series of a magic lover who has done lots of tricks in public to make people laugh after watching this stuff. It is uploaded on YouTube by YTLaugh and has been seen by 24,683,327 people right from 29th July, 2016.

Funny Kids vine compilation 2016

Here is one funniest video about crazy acts of kids that can make you laugh hard for long time. The little kids here are doing some wonderful things that are recommended as must watch by 24,339,006 viewers till now. This video is posted by All of Vines on 17th August and is shared by numbers of viewers till now on other social media channels.

Top 10 funny goals in Football History

Here is something good for game lovers too where lots of funny football goal scenes are combined together in one video by Peradze. These fun moments are created naturally on game ground where two teams are playing with dedication and they don’t even know what happened in between that can make the world laugh about. Even if today those players watch this video then they will not be able to stop laughter as it is an uncertain stuff making everyone crazy. This video compilation is posted on Youtube on 23rd May, 2016 and within very less time it has been viewed by 19,862,106 viewers.

Best Funny News Bloopers 2013

New channels use to present all the stuff in very professional manner but what if their little mistakes get recorded and become viral on internet. This video compilation done by News Be Funny Videos contains some of those moments and most of these are taken from international news channels. When you watch this video then you will be able to see the other face of media professionals that is really funny with little crazy mistakes in their work. This video is posted on YouTube on 26th Dec, 2013 and is viewed by 18,099,609 people till now.

Animals never fails to make us laugh

This super cool video compilation is posted on YouTube by Tiger Productions and has been viewed by 14,527,511 people till now right after 6th May, 2016. Here animals are recorded doing many funny tricks in unusual manner that can make anyone laugh for hours. When people take a challenge to mess with little animals then what power they have to show you it can be well observed in this funny collection of animal act inspired video.

Kids at Zoo Compilation

Kids and Animals both are lovely but when they do some funny things then you cannot stop laughing. This video is loved by viewers throughout the world because it has clubbed funny acts of kids and animals together of the times when kids go for a visit at Zoo. This video is compiled by BabiesTV and was uploaded on 5th Jan, 2016 whereas 13,096,614 people have viewed it till now.

Best of Elevator Pranks

The funny scare compilation of 2016 has created an awesome video on elevator pranks where a person keeps on teasing others in lift. The events are unexpected and they can make you laugh for long with crazy stuff. This video is uploaded on 11th Match 2016 by Watch Me and is rated to be one of the best elevator pranks by all viewers till now. It has been viewed by 12,924,098 people till now.

Worst Drivers Compilation New 2016 Funny Videos

When you drive on road then it is required to be fully concentrated in your skills otherwise accidents can happen anytime. This video is a funny compilation of unexpected mistakes of drivers where even scary things will make your laugh. It is uploaded on YouTube by Best Virales on 18th Feb, 2014 and is viewed by 11,654,239 people till now.


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