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10 Funniest Channels to Follow on YouTube

Written by Gloria

YouTube has provided an awesome resource for funny content in all the genres. Apart from watching music on YouTube, comedy is the other widely watched content and there are millions upon millions of funny videos on the platform. In this article, we take a look at the funny YouTube channels to follow if you want a never ending doze of laughter from YouTube. The data has been obtained from

  1. Nigahiga

Nigahiga is one of the funny YouTube channels to follow. It has a total of 18, 595, 574 subscribers, 3, 022, 819, 876 views and a sub rank of 19 according to the The channel is owned by Ryan Higa who is a 26 year old American actor and YouTuber. He uploads different kinds of funny videos cutting across multiple categories such as politics, sports and games, anime and much more. It is one great channel to spend time on if all you need is a lot of funny videos in YouTube.

  1. Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles comedy channel has 16, 615, 731 subscribers, 2, 139, 827, 372 video views and a sub rank of 21 as per the data availed by The channel belongs to Jenna Nicole Mourey who is an American vlogger, YouTube personality, and an actress. In her channel, she uploads a wide variety of funny videos featuring pranks, makeup, fail compilations, animals and much more.

  1. EnchufeTV

The channel has over 12 million subscribers and has accumulated over 3 billion video views. It is an Ecuadorian channel with lots of comedic sketches viewed primarily on YouTube and the Ecuadorian television channel. The channel is ranked among the top four funny YouTube channels to follow and it has over 770 videos uploaded, more than enough to get you laughing on any given day.

  1. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is another YouTube channel worth following if you are interested in getting the best comedy from the internet. The channel has a total of 12, 323, 755 subscribers and has been viewed over 6, 069, 975, 000 times and has a subs rank of 47 according to The videos uploaded to the channel feature hilarious highlights from the Tonight’s Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, including music parodies, comedy sketches, ridiculous games, celebrity interviews and much more.

  1. College Humor

College Humor has over 11, 273, 520 subscribers and has received over 4, 908, 233, 902 views over 2.9k videos uploaded to the channel. The videos uploaded to the channel are funny and original videos from They include award winning sketches, music videos, web series, and animations. It is one of the funny YouTube channels to follow if you want laughter on the dial.

  1. Ray William Johnson

The Ray William Johnson comedy channel has over 10, 508, 843 subscribers and has received a total video view of over 3, 006, 026, 356 with over 800 videos uploaded to the channel. The YouTuber, is an American actor, director, producer, comedian and one of the YouTube sensations today. Most of the videos in the channel are “best of” and “top things” videos.

  1. PrankvsPrank

This is a prank channel and one of the best YouTube channels to follow if you love humor and comedy. The channel has over 10, 103, 335 subscribers, over 190 video which have all been cumulatively viewed for over 1, 781, 137, 383 times. The channel contains all kinds of prank videos, featuring crazy pranks, public pranks as well as couple pranks. And with the humongous number of subscribers, it is one of the funny YouTube channels to follow if you love watching prank videos.

  1. IISuperwomanII

This channel has over 10, 040, 409 subscribers and over 520 uploaded videos which have been cumulatively viewed over 1, 507, 819, 073 times. The channel is owned by Lilly Singh who is a Canadian comedian, Vlogger, YouTube personality, actress and wrapper. Lilly uploads all kinds of videos without any specific bias and she says that she loves uploading all the stuff that makes her feel happy. The channel has over 520 videos and it is ranked as one of the funny YouTube channels to follow.

  1. DrossRotzank

DrossRotzank also makes it to the list of the funny YouTube channels to follow. The channel has over 882 videos which have been viewed for over 1, 805, 654, 931 times and a total subscriber base of 9, 687, 582 subscribers. The channel is owned by Angel David Revilla, also known as Droos and he is a journalist from Venezuela, but is currently located in Argentina. Other than being a journalist, DrossRotzank is also a blogger, a writer and a YouTube personality. Being a journalist, the channel has videos cutting across different categories including sports, family issues, politics, funny videos and much more.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel Live

A mention of funny YouTube channels to follow cannot be complete without talking about Jimmy Kimmel Live Channel. This channel has over 8, 571, 673 subscriber and over three thousand uploaded videos. The channel belongs to James Christian Kimmel who is an American television host, who also doubles up as a writer, a comedian, a voice actor and a producer. Most of the videos uploaded to the channel are basically late night talk shows including various viral late night videos.

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