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One of the most popular YouTube searches can be accredited to prank videos. There is just something hilarious about one person catching another person by surprise when their prank is a success. Our selection of top 10 best prank videos on YouTube will have you squirming with laughter. One of the most innovative ones on the list happens to be number where Spiderman gets a nasty surprise from Spidergirl. Here is our selection – enjoy!

Pink Spidergirl pregnant & Spiderman Stop Motion

This is probably one of the most creative prank videos on YouTube which is why it claims our number one spot. The user, Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs, dedicated their entire channel to creating clips by means of stop animation and regular play dough. In this video you get a glimpse of our PlayDough hero, Spiderman, who encounters his pink female counterpart, Spidergirl. Spidergirl falls pregnant and it seems like a happy ending. However, later in the clip the viewer is introduced to other animated characters like Anna from Frozen, and things get really interesting after a while. With almost 83 million views, it is a definite winner from our side

Best Sexy Pranks

If you are in the mood for something a little more exciting, then this video is perfect for you. The user channel, Just For Laughs Gags, features a wide range of gags played out by the popular British channel, Just for Laughs. In this video, you can look forward to 5 individual gags designed to prank the everyday citizen. Our favourites are the Sexy Bikini Nun, the Caught Cheating with Sexy Girl Prank, and the Bikini Car Wash Special. The reactions of the people are absolutely priceless

Spiderbaby vs Jellyfish Attack Stopmotion

Another winner from the folks over at Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs is the Spdierbaby vs Jellyfish Attack Stopmotion clip. It would seem that this is almost a sequel to the previous clip where Spiderbaby is now a bit older. These characters are again created entirely out of Play Dough and you can look forward to little Spidey frolicking in the water. However, there is a nasty jellyfish surrounding him, waiting for the perfect moment to give Spiderbaby an awful surprise

Pink Spidergirl, Spiderman and Spiderbaby Bathtime Stopmotion

The third instalment of the stopmotion Spiderman pranks makes it way to our number 4 spot. Here the user Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs have made the family a little bigger and introduce the viewer into the home of our superhero family. Again, everything in the video has been made from PlayDough and uses stop animation in order to create the storyline. Here Spiderman is left alone with his little offspring whilst Spidergirl goes out for a while. This hilarious skit shows the mission of bathing a little one, and even involves a musical number with our favourite friendly green giant, PlayDough Hulk!

Frozen Elsa Becomes a Mermaid Stopmotion

This video is great for girls and also comes from the creators of the Spiderman stop motion channel, Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs. Here the video introduces another favourite animation character that is brought to life by PlayDough – Queen Elsa from Frozen. Whilst she is innocently eating a treat, everyone’s ultimate bad guy, The Joker, pays her a little visit. However, things take a sudden turn when she is transformed into a mermaid. Maybe she is in a good position to give Ariel a run for her money for the title of queen of the ocean

Funny videos – Try not to laugh or grin watching this!

If you want to put yourself to a laughing test then this is the perfect video for you. Brought to you by Prank ON!, a channel dedicated to bringing you the funniest and most real-to-life fails of humanity. This video is a compilation of hilarious clips where you must try to keep a straight face for as long as possible. See how far you come without a chuckle when you look at animal reactions, human reactions, and animals that react to human behaviour! It was definitely a challenge for us

Ultimate Revenge Pranks Gone Wrong

Have you ever wanted to play a prank on someone for doing something that offended you? This clip might show you why it’s not such a good idea to seek vengeance. BuzzPranks is the number one prank channel where you’ll find the funniest pranks and compilations without having to search the entire web. This clip portrays how pranks backfire 5 hilarious ways – from people stealing Oreos to people scaring friends who are scared of break-ins during the night time. It is a recipe for hilarious disaster

Pink Spidergirl Pregnant Spiderbaby Quadruplets Stopmotion

Here we are back again with the stopmotion guys at Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs. This time they have decided to our poor old PlayDough Spiderman the fright of his life when Spidergirl is pregnant again! This time she isn’t just giving birth to one Spiderbaby, but to quadruplets. Other characters that make a return in this clip are The Joker, The Little Mermaid, Ariel, and Elsa in her mermaid form. The Hulk is also present as Captain America is brought to life

Hulk vs Captain America, Spiderman, Batman Stopmotion

Another great clip brought to you by Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs. In this clip viewers are introduced to Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman and finally Batman, all made from PlayDough and using stopmotion to portray the storyline. Have a look at the funny stuff they come up with in this clip

Pregnant Frozen Elsa Prank vs Spiderman

The guys over at Superhero vs Superhero dedicate their time and their channel to make original clips where superheroes play pranks on each other in real life. This clip features a pregnant Elsa and her husband Spiderman who rushes to the hospital to deliver their baby. The doctor is no other than The Hulk, but is there a surprise in store for the 3 of them?

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