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10 Best Thanksgiving Songs for Children on YouTube

Written by Gloria

Parents always desire to develop best behavior in their kids that can help them in building good moral character. Saying thanks for good efforts of others is one of the key factors for good behavior and these skills can be taught to kids in a very interactive way. There are few thanks giving songs developed by few professionals especially for kids; the list below includes some of the best collection of all these thanks giving songs that can be taught to kids:

  1. Little Pilgrim

This is one of the top rated thank giving song for little children that is produced by The Learning Station. It is created with easy to learn words and a very entertaining background music that can make kids happy while learning. The video on YouTube is available with subtitles that make it easier to learn.

  1. Five fat Turkeys

Here is a very creative Thanksgiving songs for children from The Kiboomers with award winning performance on iTunes. The video shows three little kids playing band and the background music along with lovely lyrics appears to be very attractive for kids. This song is about five fat turkeys and their life.

  1. Thanksgiving Feast

This thanksgiving song is also developed by The Learning Station with subtitles that make it much easier to learn. The song describes about feast of thanks giving day where a family of 6 people including 2 kids are enjoying thanks giving food on their table with the song. The kids are happily singing about the dishes that they often eat on thanks giving day. The eatables described for the day are corn, turkeys, stuffing and mashed potatoes etc. This song can also help in development of good eating habits in kids.


Here you will find a very interactive song from The Learning Station where discussions goes about thanks giving day dinner. The song talks about dishes and the enjoyment that kids can feel while eating all those delicious items; it is easier to learn with subtitles.

  1. Do the turkey hop song

This is a very beautiful song for thanks giving day that is produced by The Kiboomers where two turkeys are doing various activities as per song lyrics and a little kids is running behind them to catch them. The turkeys here do activities that hop, run, scratch, dance with their lovely wings; all these activities are performed by them in a Turkey hop tonight show.

  1. A Turkey Dance

A very lovely song from The Learning Station where children are dancing with a trainer on an easy to learn song for thanks giving day. Here little kids can also learn turkey dance along with easy to understand thanks giving song. It becomes more interactive with a group of children dancing on the screen that can make your kid feel happy and he/she will soon get involved in dance with this company of dancers on screen.

  1. Thanks Giving Songs for Children

The Thanksgiving songs for children describes Turkey as a silly bird, it appears too good for little kids and is of .48 seconds only, hence one can easily learn the lyrics with little practice. Here a turkey keeps on moving on the screen and song describes his Gobble voice in a very funny way that makes your kids attracted towards lyrics of this ultimate song developed by The Kiboomers.

  1. Thanksgiving Dinner song lyrics for children

Here is again some description about delicious food prepared for Thanksgiving Day that includes a turkey, muffins, stuffing and many more things. Kids in this song are enjoying food while singing song about dishes. The total duration for this thanks giving song is 1:25 minutes and subtitles are included in video that makes it easier to understand.

  1. 10 Little Turkeys song for Thanksgiving

This song is also capable enough to teach opposite counting from 10 to 1 to little kids with enjoyable lyrics where 10 little turkeys are moving whereas they are falling one by one and count goes on reducing towards one. With thanks giving celebrations, here kids can learn counting in interactive manner.

  1. Thanksgiving Song| let’s give thanks

The Thanksgiving songs for children here teach students about saying thanks to all wonderful gifts presented by nature to human beings. It can build a great sense of appreciation in children where they can be thankful to all the useful gifts from God to human life. Every kid must learn this beautiful song.

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